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I see he is continuing his abysmal cup record down south.
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Aye Jim, and another "interesting" VAR decision for him to mull over last night. Never mind Stevie! Wink Whistle
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How ironic eh! Rolleyes
A red card AND a penalty against last night - thats one to tell the grandkids about Laugh Laugh
Aberdeen should have had 2, but thats asking too much.
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Rangers now complaining about Clancy!!!!!??? This is laughable when one considers how he has given them valuable league pts v Hibs with some really debatable decisions to their benefit - THEY DON'T LIKE IT WHEN THE "BOOT IS ON THE OTHER FOOT"!!!! Plus Aberdeen should've been given 2 x pk in a match they deserved to win!! Rolleyes
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Incredible.... They have a "dossier" Laugh Clancy will end up like Collum and get removed from any of their games.
The cheek of them moaning about Clancy who ignored a blatant stamp on Porteous and the guilty player ended up scoring the winning goal.

They are outraged that clancy has now awarded 2 penalties against them this season. Thats not meant to happen, no wonder they are in shock, being held to the same rules as the rest of us.
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Predictable but pathetic reaction from the "hard-done-by" Ibrox cretins. I hope that Clancy has now re-read the script and acts accordingly. Whistle

I also hope that the SFA put Rangers back in the box with their 8 allegations. I've lost count of the number of times Rangers have benefitted from referees' inconsistencies and we've heard nothing from them. Hypocrites!!!
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Cabbage is still good for you
Spot on Ritchie. They’ve been getting away with some ridiculous decisions in their favour over many years , now it’s time to suck it up. The last time one of the arse cheeks complained seriously about a referee, it led to Dougie McDonald having to resign on the back of pressure from Celtic. God knows what they’ll be like once VAR is introduced to Scottish football.
Basically the moon howlers want root and branch reform of the SFA because scott brown laughed at them and they got penalties awarded against them for the first time in years.
I notice they are also demanding action on Broony because they didn't like the simulation together with the mocking of Kent and a few other moaning-faced Gers' players who couldnae take it!! As though their own players are "squeaky clean" re simulation and other shit they commit on a footie pitch!!! Their hypocrisy is jaw-dropping! I wanna see how these morons react to a good "doing" from somebody, another team that "clicks" on match day v them.
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