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The thwack of leather on skin Mac's cricketing oddity

In rain games it's always an advantage to win toss and bat second, we did neither therefore batted first and lost, a 32 over game against a side who were beatable and we couldn't have got off to a better start 50 plus opening stand against some indifferent bowling on an odd wicket, slower than it looked. Messers N Hankey and Clayton did the damage, we started to slow down as wickets started to fall but managed 135-9, milestones James Rawcliffe hit his first ever boundary and Dave Hankey scored his first ever run and the offield banter ended up with us comiing to the conclusion that Michael Jackson was still alive, which in a way is correct as he was caretaker Manager at Burnley.
Got the first wicket at 48 by which time the sinking feeling we were not going to get anything from the game as Jeffries seemed to hit every ball into the field behind the sightscreen, small ground but effortless hitting. Entered thefray at 122-1 and promptly took three wicketsincluding Jeffries caught on the boundary by Neil Hankay, good catch as well.
Sam Wilson did a Stuart Broad caught behind seemed surprised when the umpire gave him out, Wolfenden went first ball, now on a hat trick bowled a pie went for 4 as did the next ball and that was game over
Strangely we have moved well clear of the bottom side as they were docked points for not playing.

The wicket

[Image: 8-A50-CBB8-574-B-4888-86-B6-45-F9-E0187784.jpg]

The field which was found six times by Jeffries

[Image: A3-B3-F45-F-7-C9-E-498-C-8168-1285-E25-B11-E6.jpg]
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

Easy match report RAIN
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive


[Image: 8-D420-A95-EC3-E-4-AC8-92-B3-13-C943-CA4-E30.jpg]

Pictured Tony Horsfall now in his 58th consecutive season of cricket apparently marking his crease out or praying, take your pick, neither worked he got a duck.
Having escaped the bottom of the table this defeat and a victory of sorts for Kirkham, their opponents couldn't raise a side means next Sundays clash of the inept takes on massive proportions although the messages from our What's App group asking is there anyone who is able to bowl available does suggest a hard Sunday ahead, never mind back to the last defeat.
Esy grounsd for me barely five minutes from home, so easy missed teh turn off.
Dreadful artifical wicket, both sides were short, they had ten we had nine, we lost the toss, 11-3 didn't bode well, the captain Mr Richards steadied the ship and was over joyed to tell us afterwards he top scored with the epic score of 13, managed to scramble our way to 70 with Thomas McMurdo hitting his first ever boundary. Left arm seamer Hesmondhalgh took 5-15.
70 was never going to be enough although we got rid of their skipper having scored 154 less than he did last time, we never really looked like taking another wicket and so a nine wicket defeat
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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