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The Premiership is a total bore this season no matter what The Times newspaper says!!

After briefly reading this article, one can honestly say it has nothing to do with loathing LFC but just a case of their dominance has rendered the Premiership to be a bit of a "bore" and an embarrassment TBF!! There should be at least a couple of very wealthy footie clubs positioned much closer to Liverpool's top place than what we are observing and IMO the Premiership's reputation has been damaged - there is no competition and there should be!! There are obviously a number of reasons for this failure and one could scrutinise the top five footie clubs in England to get a clearer picture in explaining such an embarrassing collapse in competition. Returning to a future position that displays "stiff competition" is absolutely imperative and a lotta work needs to be done at certain top footie clubs who have not impressed at all.
Can't read the article because of the paywall. I think this season is a blip in terms of the competitiveness at the very top of the PL table. What Liverpool are doing this season is unprecedented in modern day English football but as you allude to its really because of the state of the other usual rivals rather than completely all Liverpool's efforts. Its a bit like when Leicester won the title, it was a combination of their perfect season coupled with the so called big 6 all being in transition. This season Man City have fallen away from the heights they have set over the last two seasons, Chelsea are suffering from their transfer embargo, although they may ultimately benefit from it with their younger players, MU and Arsenal are in turmoil and have been for a few seasons now and Spurs are being Spurs!!!! This might also though be the beginning of a change of the old guard, should we even consider Arsenal and Spurs as Big 6 clubs??
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In the case of Man City and Pepe's team management during this season, apparently he has administered about 57 team changes since the start of season 2019-20. That must be some kinda record if true!!
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