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Johnson watch activated - the nightmare begins for the UK!!
As we all expected the Sue Gray report will be made to nothing at the request of the Met, no wonder Johnson was so smug in PMQs, all part of the plan from a corrupt political system that has influence over a major police force.
Note there is another argument that the Met Police want omissions in certain parts of Gray's report in order to ensure such info doesn't hinder future prosecutions of identified parties (pardon the pun!) in govt and civil service who have clearly violated lockdown rules.

Her report, 2 blank sheets of paper. Met investigation gets kicked into the same long grass as the COVID inquest.
Reasons to drink real ale
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No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
If it is a "whitewash" then there will be a huge political and public fallout re this whole emotive issue. Cressida Dick has been the subject of huge criticism for months re various failings (been slaughtered on SM for a long time!). Her position will be untenable if such an eventuality unfolds.
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