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Euro finals group draw - Scotland could end up in England's group D!

So today's UEFA draw provides a piece of intrigue in the fact that the eventual winner of Scotland's play-off grouping will end up in Group D alongside Croatia, Czech Republic and England. However, it looks England get another advantage when they could play Scotland at Wembley. The other groups are even more intriguing with the likes of Germany up against France and Portugal plus Wales given a tough assignment to play what looks like a rejuvenated Italy.
Just want to correct you in that its the Czech Republic in Englands group, think a few countries may take some offence at your faux pas!!!

England aren't the only team to get a home field advantage, in fact if Scotland do qualify they will play two of their group games at Hampden!!! Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Spain and the Republic of Ireland will all get home games as well.

That Germany, France and Portugal group is certainly the group of death this time around!!
It is interesting in that correction re Czechoslovakia actually emanated from SSN's presentation of the draw as "Czechoslovakia" rather than the Czech Republic. I should've noticed it instantly but more interested in the other groups and the implications to progress.
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I hope Scotland beat England. The Scotland - England derby is the biggest in World football. That is my view.
So 16 months after we paid UEFA for our tickets we have just discovered that all of our tickets have been cancelled due to the capacity being reduced to 25% and that we now have to re apply for tickets.
Luckily we should still get the tickets that we originally wanted but no doubt we will lose money on the foreign exchange rate and fees by the bank for paying in Euros both ways.
Update on the Euros.

Ticket money refunded and we even made a small profit due to the exchange rate.

England now have the following tickets
v Croatia 3086
v Scotland 2968
v Czech Rep 2855

The good news is that I've enough "caps" to get all the tickets i wanted. Little tip to anyone buying tickets use a card like the Halifax Clarity card to buy your tickets that way you won't get stung by foreign transaction fees

No idea why the allocation get smaller as we go along just as i've no idea why England have a larger allocation than Scotland
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