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Souness Storm
Rather a large Sxxt Storm happened on Twitter after Graeme Souness spoke about Moise Kean regarding why Everton both got him so cheap and no buy back clause

This was immediately greeted with things about outdated pundits, defamation of character and of course the word of the moment-Racism

It was dragged up Souness similar attitude towards Pogba and Adebayor both whom were black

I`m sure anyone who knows both Souness as a player or Manager knows similar to Roy Keane he was not on the same level as anyone who didn't believe running through walls like he did

Sadly I have seen Pogba walk through games as a Man Utd supporter and Adebayor for all his talent is lazy as, nothing to do with race or skin color

I do believe Souness made a valid point why Juventus the richest club in Serie A with an aging strike force chose to get rid of a young talent with a great scoring record at club and international level for less money than Slimani or Tosun?

And for the record I hope Kean succeeds, problem position for them for Donkey`s
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