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Confirmed by Shelley Kerr - a "bust up" after the Argentina match!
I must say I'm not totally surprised by this revelation and the nature of the meeting between all team members and coaching staff to assess how on earth a Scotland team could lose such a World Cup tie v Argentina when three goals ahead and with about 15 mins remaining. Of course the proceedings could become heated!!! The team was given additional financial support to prepare properly in France for a decent period and in recognition of their achievement to qualify for a World Cup tourney! What a screw up! What a "dampener" to end the tournament in such a way and certain Scotland players were deserving of the criticism albeit in private. I also find this media/press report of Kerr's preceding evening meal "with a few drinks" as the usual mischief that is typical of press behaviour these days!! Trying to "stir it up" when, in fact, a few harsh words would likely be uttered following an unacceptable "screw up" by a Scotland team that should've been in total control of their own destiny when leading by three goals to nil and on course to attain a wee bit of success after a difficult and relatively unlucky World Cup campaign in France. Was Shelley Kerr disappointed? I'll bet she was! Could she have done more during the course of that Argentina match? I think she could have "changed it" esp towards the end of that match, which was far too "open" from her point of view. But that is down to coaching/tactical "nous" and having suitable players on the subs' bench to influence the course of a footie match. IMO she never had a plan B mentality about her and just looked powerless/"frozen" on the touch line as this match unfolded and became one of the most remembered World Cup Scotland matches but for all the wrong reasons!!
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