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Killie blamed for Rangers misdemeanours???
Listening to official Killie comments tonight on bbc Sportsound following the ramifications of a pitch invasion by Rangers fans (not Killie!!) + more of the same hateful sectarian singing and Rangers FC's official statement "beggars belief". NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY FROM THE GOVAN CLUB RE THE ROTTEN BEHAVIOUR OF THEIR OWN FANS, THE ROLE OF THEIR PLAYERS, THE DAMAGE THAT WAS INCURRED and yet RFC wants to follow the "blame game" again!!!! This is nothing new and they have arrogantly followed this kinda spin before and really should be challenged by the relevant footie authority. UEFA would definitely take some form of action and add to it, game by game, if necessary. Yet the SFA do nothing and this is only the first league match of the season!! Why???
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We all know why, 0762. The GFA cannot be seen to be censuring a certain club. All they can do is to blame someone else equally to deflect criticism away from the real offenders.
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Their fans behaviour is totally deranged, the SFA will do xxxx all about it until someone is seriously hurt or killed.

Pulling open the gates was crazy,mental stuff. No one was being crushed outside, I've been in the away end at killie many times and the concourse is wide open. They had just arrived to late to receive the checks the kilmarnock stewards have to Carrry out.

There has been no consequences so far for all their pitch invasions, violent behaviour, threatening statements, slandering other Scottish clubs, sectarian songs ( the latter coming after a laughable promotion campaign about them being an inclusive club) and everyone else has just about had enough.

The sooner this mob die again the better frankly.
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Remember Saint Charles Owl's question a very long time ago: "Is Rangers absence from the top leagues a loss to Scottish footie"? My reply to that question was a resounding NO for the very reasons that we are debating now - a toxic footie club that does nothing for the integrity or reputation of the game up here. Their absence was absolute bliss mainly because the game was generally devoid of all the shit that we are witnessing again and lotsa Scot footie fans shared similar sentiments re the probs that they present to the footie community and the fact they are allowed to "get away with it" whereas a footie organisation like UEFA would've definitely applied banning orders of some sort on their operations.
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