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Killy Bonus's
The Scottish players' union have dismissed claims by Kilmarnock chairman Michael Johnston that a bonus row at Rugby Park has been resolved.
Johnston said the dispute was over after a discussion with a group of players last week.
But PFA Scotland chief executive Fraser Wishart insisted, "no understanding was reached at last Friday's meeting".
Wishart added: "The players in attendance made their position clear in the strongest possible terms." The Kilmarnock squad are understood to be dismayed at the money on offer as a potential reward for finishing 10th or better in the Premiership.
Manager Allan Johnston instigated a meeting, which the chairman revealed was attended by 15 players.

Kinda dismayed with this tbh. I personally don't think finishing 10th of 12 deserves a bonus ffs. Thats there job! ...its about time footballers started living in the real world. Killy were very close to going bust and I am sure they are still not very much better. Angry

full story courtesy of the BBC
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