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An all Williams final again in the Aussie Open?
I must say this current final confrontation between the Williams' sisters really is a surprise and IMO does not do the reputation of women's tennis any good at all!! But what can you do to push 'new blood' through to consistently challenge them and beat them? Serena definitely odds on favourite to win it in a canter and I expect no surprises in that respect!
Very worrying. These two should've been retired years ago. Not good at all for the women's game. Where are the next stars coming through. Even the beaten semi finalist today was about 50. Hingis ought to take up singles again. She could win.
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And now a final with Nadal and Federer. It's like we've gone back ten years.
Not complaining though. I expect this to be a classic.
Aye! They are well matched LS although I predicted the 'king of clay' would reach the final after Andy's elimination.
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