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Welcome to Scottish League One
Why have I spent my time researching a piece on each of the clubs in this league? Am I mad or just an ego-maniac?

Because, Sports Babble strikes me as a brilliant space to which fans have either reacted by largely staying in their own rooms, or have never discovered its potential at all, because they so rarely venture beyond their own club's fans' forum. At the moment you can hear your own footsteps echo as you roam the site. And it's worth more than that. Take a look at West Brom - they are Pulising and Berahinoing all over the place. All Huddersfield's holding its breath in case its promotion bid might turn out to be a mirage. There's room and a need for that to be happening across the site. It shouldn't look empty and a visitor should feel that this is the place to start something new.

Even using four sources or fewer, writing such pieces takes a while, even though I've some experience of writing for the web. That's why I chose a league of ten teams. It was manageable. I knew how long it would take. Of course the pieces could be better - maybe a picture of every ground, a star player of the past ..... But I wanted to take this first step so there'd be something to show and to see. My plan was/is still to email the individual fan forums of these clubs about Babble and see if that generates any interest. And I hope that interest would be for the whole site, not just the club they support.

This could be the worst and most labour-intensive idea ever, but my experience is that you actually have to do something, to produce something, before anyone becomes either enthusiastic, or even abusive. I don't want my monicker on every site, I want to see it disappearing as new threads appear and sites are populated.
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Keep starting threads and I at least will try to comment on them.
Bored over the holidays, Devongone?  I see you've adopted Maggie's approach and tried it out on Scotland first.  Whistle  Smile

Seriously, this is a great idea, and should be welcomed by all. It would only take a few of us to like or comment on each club to make it worthwhile. Not every thread will command equal attention, but you've set the ball rolling and it's now up to the rest of us. WELL DONE!  Thumb up
Cabbage is still good for you
Good on you devongone,about time something different was tried out on here.
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