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Kettle calling Pan
I read yesterday with disgust that JOHN McENROE has said Kyrgios has to calm down as he is giving the game a bad name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of all the people on this planet that idiot (McEnroe) has least rights to condemn anyone,he was the biggest RATBAG I have ever seen in any sport his temperament was unbelievably rotten foul language as bad as if not worse than Kyrgios"s. McEnroe, you go crawl back under the rocks I dont think anyone still alive that saw you play will ever forget & forgive the hundreds of tantrums you were involve in on the Tennis courts. :@ :@
Haha. Good rant, Dolphin.

Either Mac was being ironic or just trying to teach the lad from experience that once you get a reputation, the media don't give you a minute's peace.
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