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Men only clubs
The refusal to admit women to some clubs is enough to make me apoplectic. At least the Royal & Ancient are doing something about it. They have withdrawn Muirfield from the list of Open venues. About time they were dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
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I take a slightly different view, I think any private club can pick and choose whoever it wants to admit as a member but if they choose a policy such as excluding women, then they have to accept the consequences that come with that. If Muirfield persist with this men only policy then they should not be used for any official R&A tournaments at all, not just the Open.
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I don't know how long they will hold out. The Open must be a huge money-spinner.
Funny buggers golfers.
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(19-05-2016, 20:35)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: I don't know how long they will hold out. The Open must be a huge money-spinner.

Not only for the golf club but for the whole community as well.  Lets hope they get some pressure locally to change but these old boys clubs can be very stubborn!!
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A lot of the pros have spoken out against them.
Turns out Muirfield aren't just sexist but also Anti-Semitic as they banned Lord Grade for being Jewish.

These golf clubs are outdated and run by pompous old farts who need to get with the 21st century.

This quote will piss you off Amelia

Golf commentator Peter Alliss suggested women who want to join Muirfield should "get married to someone who's a member".

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr Alliss said the issue was "a very emotive subject".

He told the programme: "The women who are there are wives of husbands. They get all the facilities. If somebody wants to join, you'd better get married to someone who's a member."

Mr Alliss, 85, continued: "I believe clubs were formed years ago by people of like spirit - doctors, lawyers, accountants, bakers, butchers, whatever they like.

"And they joined in like spirit to talk amongst them and to do whatever. I want to join the WVS (Women's Voluntary Service) but unless I have a few bits and pieces nipped away on my body I'm not going to be able to get in."

No place for views like this, it's 2016 not 1816.
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More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
Whilst I don't agree his comments, I can understand that a man of his generation could have those views. I do not know how younger men can. Having said all that, my dad would be 85 later this year, if still alive, and he would have told me to march on these places and protest, knock down the doors and walk in with head held high!
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Peter Alliss is only telling the truth, that is how and why these clubs were set up. He never says he agrees with it or says anything about what should be done about it, but what he says is factual in terms of what these old clubs were formed for. I am also certain his comments about marrying a member were made in a flippant way knowing his style. As we said earlier, the only thing that will force change is a serious loss of revenue if they stick to this outdated membership rules.
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