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Not The Town O'Clock News
Thought I'd start a thread where we could post news that's vaguely Town related, but not quite. Like this one about our former player Rob Page.

Robert Page: Port Vale to give caretaker boss six-week chance
Anyone called 'Smurthwaite' should not be trusted!!
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A quote after last night's first St Mirren win of the season - "I'm delighted for Tommy, I'm delighted for the fans, but more than anything I'm really delighted for our young players because Monday to Friday they are different class” - from player-coach Jim Goodwin.

Not the brightest button in the box, as most games are on a Saturday!  Whistle
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Ex Town striker Benik Afobe appears to have knocked Crapford Shitty out of the cup.
[Image: 2ZJuVRk.gif]
He has. Whistle's blown.
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Not many goals about tonight, Norwich go, Everton go as do Arsenal but Liverpool win an epic penalty shoot out, 14-13!!!
Under neon loneliness, motorcycle emptiness
Watched that shoot out. It was getting a bit boring towards the end. Sleepy
Apparently Michael van gerwen has been at the town training ground for some reason. Is there some sort of darts tournament on down there?
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Is that the baldy lad who looks a bit like George Dawes?
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