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The Push for Promotion - Act 2 Season 2015-16
Ok, so as we head into the New Year we find ourselves just outside the playoffs in a group of teams likely to be chasing just the one playoff spot!! The top 5 seem to be a class above everyone else although Burnley and Hull have been inconsistent of late and Brighton have just had their first loss so we will have to see how they react to that. Boro and Derby for me are the two teams to beat and I expect them to take the auto places.

But, now sees the silly season with regards to transfers and in our position this is one that could really propel us to a chance of promotion to the Premier League!! We have done well overall so far, we are hard to beat but we start slow too often and find ourselves coming from behind in too many games. I think on the whole we are clearly better than last season but so are many other teams. The question is what should we do in the JTW, if anything, and if so where should we improve the squad to give us that chance to push on for the play offs??

From a management perspective I expect no changes. The recent parting with Roeder to me suggests that CC has cemented himself as the one to run the team and I expect the signings we make to be the ones he wants to get, not ones the comittee will force upon him. CC is a breath of fresh air, he is good with the fans and his press conferences are a joy to watch!! But we do need to improve, we are not the finished article by any means but we do have a chance, its up to him to pick the right teams, rest players at the right time and get them playing from the start like we tend to finish games!!

So what do we have in the stable at the moment: (those in italics are our loan players)

Keiren Westwood
Cameron Dawson
Joe Wildsmith
Lewis Price

Liam Palmer
Tom Lees
Glenn Loovens
Claude Dielna
Jeremey Helan
Darryl Lachman
Vincent Sasso - Season long loan from Braga
Jack Hunt - Season long loan from Palace
Rhoys Wiggins - Signed 3 year contract from Charlton
Daniel Pudil - Season long loan from Watford
Michael Turner - Season long loan from Norwich

Jose Semedo
Kieran Lee
Silva Felipe Melo
Sam Hutchinson
Marco Matias
Ross Wallace
Alex Lopez - Season long loan from Celta Vigo
Modou Sougou
Lewis McGugan
Barry Bannan

Athde Nuhiu
Sergiu Bus
Lucas Joao
Fernando Forestieri
Gary Hooper - on loan from Norwich until January

Players out on Loan
Marnick Vermijl - Season long loan to Preston
Caolan Lavery - On loan with Portsmouth until January

So this is what we start with and as we go along I will add new players and remove the ones who leave.  So the question is what positions do we need to strengthen in, who should be our targets for these positions, who should we look to offload and what should we do with the players we have on loan and the ones we have out on loan???

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We need to sign Pudil ASAP and sort Bannan's contract out.

Hooper possibly till the end of the year or look at permanent deal if he keeps scoring over next few weeks.

Send Turner back, too injury prone.

Get rid of Lachman, Melo, Bus, Lavery, Vermijl, Price and Dielna.

Winger and a CB in Jan.

Playoffs in May!
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I still think laverey deserves a chance !! we wernt playing well as a team when he left on loan , it would be interesting to see what he can do now with the likes of bannan and lee on fire at the minute !! give him the rest of the season and then lets decide ?
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I'd get a keeper in to challenge Westwood, as Price is at nothing. CB I'd play Hutch and Lee and use Loovens, Sasso as back up. I am taking it that it is easier to get a quality CM than a quality CB, if Hutch goes CB we need someone of his ilk and above for midfield a pacy winger and a pacy striker for me. We lack pace attacking.

As Consilio says sign Pudil and Bannan, Hooper loan extend and get rid of the players he mentioned.
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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you need a team....
I Think the young lad is good enough to give competition to westwood ( the fault here is cc and it is him who needs to drop westwood , to bring him back to life !! drop him for one game and we will see westwood back to normal !! but first for me is addressing the fact that lees will be out for another month or two ? and we have to sort the cb situation out !! imagine if we lose loovens ?? which is highly possible !!!

And on the bullshit rumours ( at least i hope so ) vital knobheads are reporting that swansea are after cc ?
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Yes, apparently there is a rumor emanating from Twitter that Swansea have approached us to speak to CC. I hope they get told to go forth and multiply!!! We are on the up, Swansea are potentially going in the opposite direction.
Money, and the Premier League, talk.

If they want him, he will go.

Hopefully just paper talk.
Get rid of Lachman, Lavery, Vermijl, Price and Dielna plus Bus if CC doesn't intend to play him.

Sign Bannan & Pudil & extend Hooper's loan until the summer.

That should get us in the Playoffs with momentum.
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I still think Melo could come good if he ever escapes from the S6 physio vortex -we've just not seen enough of him (except on the trams) since he arrived.
Maybe the Lachman signing was what had CC at odds with rodent (if there was the alleged animosity between them).

We definitely need to hold on to CC. Just his interviews are way more entertaining than the match highlights from last season and aside from a couple of blips he seems to have us playing good stuff and getting the dressing room to gel. We just need to start quicker and aim to get to 4-0 every game befoe shutting the doors and windows.
Remember some said last before last season get rid of palmer ? i dont see any difference in palmer and laverey apart from there positions that is !! they are both good pros and young and both can improve !!

The rest are a waste of time due to the fact that they are injured more than balsa boy !!! lachman we will never know ?
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