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Davis Cup draw
World Group draw:

Germany v (1) France

Great Britain v (7) United States

(3) Czech Republic v Australia

Kazakhstan v (6) Italy

(5) Argentina v Brazil

(4) Serbia v Croatia

(8) Canada v Japan

Belgium v (2) Switzerland

What I don't understand in all this is how the USA ended up being seeded. We beat them this year and they had to go into the play offs to stay in the world group, we got to the quarter finals and don't get seeded. Huh
Anyway, we got a home draw this time. Wonder where they will play it. It's in March so unlikely to be Wimbledon. The last home tie was played indoors at the Ricoh in Coventry. We have played in Glasgow before but what if they go independent? Andy Murray has said he will definitely be playing, whatever the outcome.

Elsewhere, a tasty looking clash between Serbia and Croatia. Djokovic v Cilic. Argentina v Brazil. Messi v Neymar?
The seedings seem to be based on a points system that takes into account previous tournaments. In the current ranking the US is actually 8th but as Spain are not in it this year (I assume they were knocked out??) then they are seeded 7 with Canada moving up to 8th. Britain is currentlly 11th but after todays Scottish vote will drop to about 125th once Murray declares for Scotland instead!!!!
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Have you ever been to see a Davis Cup match live - how good is it? I have been to Wimbledon, fantastic!
Been to Wimbledon but never been to a Davis Cup tie.
London's O2 Arena and Birmingham's National Indoor Arena are out of the running to stage this tie. The likelihood is that it will go to one of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games arenas.
I think this is the type of event the new Leeds Arena ought to be putting in for instead of all those old farts they keep getting on there.
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