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They've got it for this year and next but from 2017 another of the protected sporting tournaments has been lost to Sky.
What next? Wimbledon? World Cup?
Yup and er, yup. Add in the Euro's, the Olympics ..... need I go on? Blowing their trumpet big time on SSN over this.

Lee Westwood was complaining about it at the weekend ( so although it's only been officially announced today, it was obvious that the decision was already out there. The R&A have warned the BBC to get their finger out on golf coverage before though. Still a lot of head-in-the-sand folk at the BEEB who think they have the right to cherry pick what they want to show when others are prepared to pay far more for the rights. If they carry on, the SPOTTY Award will have no BEEB content what so ever and to be honest, they might as well move that to Sky as well.

Having said that, The Dirty Digger doesn't give a flying one about the ordinary bloke or his missus in the street or the fact that viewing figures are a 10th or less compared to the 10's of millions that can watch on terrestrial. As long as he keeps getting people buying Film and/or Sports packages, Pay per View boxing, music video's and (ahem) Adult Entertainment etc., he doesn't care who's watching (or not). Seems to be doing his best to get folk back in the pubs that can/want to show it though. Just can't sit in the pub all weekend .... well, some can. My built in snooze button kicks in after a while these days.
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The BBC in some ways can't win where sport is concerned because of where their income comes from - the TV Licence!! If they pay over the odds for a sporting event, they get slated for wasting "our" money, if they lose one due to being outbid, they get slated for losing a major event!! Sport on tv costs money, in some cases like the prem, silly money, in other cases its the scheduling that causes problems. The Beeb does not have a dedicated sports channel and has obligations with regards to the news and other programming that often clashes with live sports coverage, its a fine balancing act for them.
The BBC should be have a dedicated sports channel though. I watch sport all the time on telly. What am I paying a licence fee for? All I ever watch on the Beeb now is the FLS.
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(03-02-2015, 19:03)Lord Snooty Wrote: The BBC should be have a dedicated sports channel though. I watch sport all the time on telly. What am I paying a licence fee for? All I ever watch on the Beeb now is the FLS.

Yes, but thats the problem with the way the BBC is funded. Because everyone pays a little in to it, they all expect the programmes to be what they want!! The BBC has to cater for you as a sports fan but also needs to cater for childrens tv, news, drama etc and has to do it for both a 6 year old and a 96 year old with everything in between!!

If they started a sports channel, and allowed adverts then they would have revenue that is dedicated to buying sports packages and they could use the licence fee to pay for their public broadcasting responsibilities!! I watch BBC America over here and they have adverts on that to cover the cost of it, why not allow them to do that for a dedicated sports channel??
Time they entered the real world. Adverts are annoying but we're all used to them now. The BBC's attitude to advertising is as outdated as the Sun's attitude to page three.
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Is it the BBC though, I think they are bound by law to provide their public broadcasting service, so the government would have to give them the go ahead to allow adverts. You are right though, if we want a tv channel to produce good tv then it needs to be paid for, and the easiest and best way to do that is advertising. I cannot imagine how much "extra" money is needed to actually collect the licence fee in the first place, plus the cost of policing it and prosecuting non-payers!!

I have always liked the BBC, their news coverage is very good and their dramas are better than most but if we want them to continue to improve we have to increase their earning potential, and that shouldn't come from you, there are plenty of ways to get big business to provide that income!! Of course ITV would probably oppose any move to allow adverts, as currently they have a virtual monopoly on advertising revenue in the UK!!

Also, its doesn't need to be adverts they allow to get money. Over here a few programmes have a headline sponsor and no adverts, the programme 24 is presented by Ford with very limited advert breaks and Ford pay a lot to provide that. The BBC could have a main sposor for a number of their shows, Eastenders for example could command a fortune from a main sponsor with the viewing figures it has and it could still run without any adverts!! They need to be allowed to think outside the box with regard to revenue!!
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