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Town down at Birmingham - It's a Brum ting.
I'm not blaming the keeper. Just saying he saved us so many times before. Tonight he didn't perform miracles.

We demand miracles. Tongue
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Birmingham Anagrams: Three still to get

  1. Dooley Bums (Moody Blues)
  2. Cathouse Jen (John Eustace)
  3. North Knowing Fart (Frank Worthington)
  4. Ask Brenda (Ned Barkas)
  5. Ale Clerk (Lee Clark)
  6. Darts News 
  7. Shown Gemma Camelot 
  8. Ace Venison (Nico Vaesen)
  9. Eeyore LBW 
  10. Jam Trading Aaron (Joan Armatrading)
[Image: 2ZJuVRk.gif]
7 commonwealth games

6 darts news

9 Lee bowyer
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Another day, another door, another high, another low
Another very poor performance, the alarm bells are starting to ring around our way
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