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Johnson no more, Trump no more.... BUT...

Johnson still looking to be a "holding" PM until the autumn period!!!?? Huh This is not practically possible from a PM who is poorly regarded by his own party MPs and told by many of his Cabinet colleagues to b##### off!!!!? There is surely a constitutional issue re this arrangement. What a political mess full of utter turmoil at the heart of government!!! And it is inevitably a Tory one, a shambles!! It was also intriguing to hear the "chat" that he was seriously considering an unconstitutional move last night in order to remain in power!!?? Isn't that so Trump-like and likely to be true from a populist leader who wouldn't leave his position with honour or any kinda dignity whatsoever!!! Thumb down I'm listening to the clown price's resignation speech from outside 10 Downing Street just now and it is full of defiance and myths about what he has supposedly achieved!!! Delivered Brexit? BREXIT WAS A LIE AND A DISASTER FOR THE COUNTRY!! He can keep that legacy!!Praising the NHS??? Hanging on to a lotta dedication and sacrifice made by nurses, doctors, staff for a long time and some of them died during the pandemic - a cad and a serial liar with an identifiable mental flaw in his persona. He was also blaming the "herd mentality" in politics for his demise - more bullshit and not even mentioning his terrible behaviour, blatant lying and errors of judgement being big factors in his final removal from office. No humility whatsoever!!! Thumb down IMO there should be a General Election called under this situation and particularly when the next Tory party leader could be Truss, Wallace or Raab, all political "lightweights"/potential leaders who we'd never vote for in Scotland!! I could go on, but leave it at that!! A broken Westminster political system in full view, a joke!!
I won't believe he's gone til he's actually out of no 10. It's totally absurd if he is allowed to carry on as PM til October.
Labour as the official party in opposition need to call and win a vote of no confidence. That won't just trigger a repeat of last month's vote but will trigger a new GE. You can bash yer brains out on how you want that vote to work out
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