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Souttar offski
As expected, Soapy signs a Pre-contract with Sevco. Not over the moon( that’s an understatement) that he’s signed for them, so what next? Do Hearts accept a paltry fee now and let him go or sit tight and let him see out his contract in the stand. Can’t see any way how he can play again for Hearts as fans will do what they do in such circumstances, be totally toxic towards the guy.
If it was up to me, I’d let him stew but that’s probably why I’m not a football manager any more?
I'd take the cash rather than have an unhappy player at your door for the remainder of the season.

Imagine he will be Goldsons replacement. Its a risky one though, the boys been out a lot injured....and i mean a lot. Be lucky if he's played 70 games in 4 years.

Any fee you might get will be depending on them getting 15 mullyin for Hagi - who is totally mince, or of course Morelos who they have been trying to flog for years now. They still can't understand why barcelona havent snapped him up Laugh
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So.....Sevco score best part of 10 million for Patterson (who hasn't kicked a ball for everton yet), but they wont spend 500k on a CB ? Wowzers.

As much as hertz are as well taking the cash and moving on, there is also the possibility this could backfire badly on the huns too.
Hopefully Souttar plays on Sunday and scores the winner.
George square will be reduced to ashes if they don't get the 3 points.
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