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Nation League 2022
So yesterday saw the draw for the 2022 Nations League. UEFA are yet to confirm if a route via this comp to Euro24 in Germany but given I think it has been a success in the eyes of many countries I would expect them to have some play offs at the back end to qualify.

So who have the home Nations got?

Lets start in Group C where Northern Ireland have been drawn against Greece, Kosovo and either Cyprus/Estonia. Some cracking trips in June and September of next year for the Green and White Army

Now up to Group B where Scotland have been drawn to face Ukraine, Rep Of Ireland and Armenia . A mixed bag for the Tartan Army to visit, i don't envy the long trip to Armenia.

Then we move onto Group A where both England and Wales could've been drawn together.
Lets start with the Welsh who have been drawn against Belgium,Holland and Poland. Wales will do well to avoid the trap door in that group.

Finally England who have Italy, Germany and Hungary. Probably the the toughest group in A
England kick off away to Hungary at the start of June but Hungary have been ordered to play behind closed doors(or a stadium full of kids to get round the rules.
Three days later it's a trip to somewhere in Germany(hoping it's Munich)
4 Days after that its back on home soil for a repeat of the Euro20 final England v Italy. Again another game behind closed doors as a result of all the trouble around the ground at that final
Then on the following Tuesday its England v Hungary, that was fairly lively in the away section on the last visit.
We then have a break until September when Italy have home advantage over England on Friday 23rd followed by another classic on Mon 26th for England v Germany.

Elsewhere some cracking Fixtures.
Spain v Portugal
Sweden v Norway

Feel free to add Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland fixtures as they are announced
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Northern Ireland Fixtures

2 June - Northern Ireland v Greece (19:45 BST)

5 June - Cyprus/Estonia v Northern Ireland (Kick-off and venue TBC)

9 June - Kosovo v Northern Ireland (19:45 BST)

12 June - Northern Ireland v Cyprus/Estonia (14:00 BST)

24 September - Northern Ireland v Kosovo (17:00 BST)

27 September - Greece v Northern Ireland (19:45 BST)

Wales Fixtures

Wales will start the tournament with an away fixture against Poland on Friday, 3 June 2022.

Page's side will then host the Netherlands on the following Monday before a home game against Belgium four days later and a trip to face the Dutch on Monday, 13 June.

The final two games will see them away to Belgium on Thursday, 22 September before concluding their campaign at home to Poland on Sunday, 25 September.

Scotland Fixtures

4th June Scotland vs Armenia (15:00)
7th June Scotland vs Ukraine
11th June Republic of Ireland vs Scotland (18:00)
14th June Armenia vs Scotland (18:00)
23rd Sept Scotland vs Republic of Ireland
26th Sept Ukraine vs Scotland
Well the Nations League was set up to create more revenue sorry games between the big boys and its definitely going to deliver on that!!
ROI (in transition) currently a good draw for Scotland while it seems we suddenly can't avoid Ukraine - the new replacement for Israel, an opponent that we couldn't avoid for a couple of years.
(17-12-2021, 18:43)St Charles Owl Wrote: Well the Nations League was set up to create more revenue sorry games between the big boys and its definitely going to deliver on that!!

I think the Nations League was set up to give everyone a chance of winning games and a competitive edge rather than pointless friendlies. Nobody really wants to see San Marino and Gibraltar getting thrashed every week and the Nations League gave them a chance to win a few games. Gibraltar topped the bottom group last time out winning 2 and drawing 2 of the 4 group games. The Team, nation and supporters were delighted to say the least, and even though San Marino failed to win a game they did manage to draw against both opponents in the group which is progress for a Nation that has only ever won 1 game and drawn 6 in its entire history.
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