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Charlie Adam? No commitment in Rangers matches!
I watched the tv highlights of Dundee's match v Rangers at Ibronx and it was very noticeable how Adam hardly committed himself to Dundee's collective efforts to subdue Rangers attacks on their defence. On a couple of occasions he ambled out to Dundee's left wing, where he was on his own, while the Dundee defence was being pounded in the players' pen box - highly suspicious and more or less rendering Dundee to be playing with 10 players! I wonder what James McPake, the Dundee manager, made of this meagre contribution by Adam? I know he is a Rangers fan, extreme on occasions with previous vociferous spats v Celtic fans. However, in a competitive footie sense, surely you don't "down tools" when playing v your favourite footie club??? If that is the case, then serious questions must be asked of him as a continuing pro player - not a good watch!!
Like most huns, cheating and moaning to the officials is his hallmark.

And again like most huns challenging dental work and dress sense.
Wrapped his car around a tree whilst pished...... Brainless hun arsehole.
I wondered why he suddenly missed out on the Hibs match! Laugh Charged by the Polis and guilty - caught red-handed.
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