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Pa roppa pom pom, roppa pom pom
I watched Motherwell on telly last night.

How do Motherwell fans stand it?

For Fkkkk's sake why doesn't somebody just shoot the drummer? He, only a man could be that insensitive, must take two thousand off the gate every game.

I mean he's hardly Buddy Rich is he? Or Ginger Baker? Don't opposition clubs complain?

Some foreign clubs have a terwat on a loudspeaker yelling brainlessly throughout. Isn't there a minor club in Turkey or somewhere this idiot could go and support?

Has he released a Christmas album?
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

They're OK provided you're not sat near them! Problem up here is that there doing "their thing" in usually a sparse crowd and all you end up hearing is the drum. Celtic had one the last time they came to Easter Road but their crowd was making so much noise you could hardly focus on it and was a help to starting their songs and not a hindrance.

Many clubs up here have them including ourselves and much of the time, especially in a larger crowd, they can help the atmosphere. At least at Easter Road when things are not going so well and the crowd is quiet ours does stop "playing".

Some are better that others!!
Hib's drummer, with a crowd reacting and singing isn't in the least disturbing. I could manage without it, but that's not my decision and it didn't put me off watching the game against Rangers.

Motherwell's drumming is the banging of a demented child, a rocking patient in a straitjacket, a lion endlessly pacing a tiny cage. It's disturbed and it's disturbing.

If Scotland re-positioned him, to maybe just outside the House of Commons, independence would be granted without the need for a referendum. Nae problem.

Is there one person in the Motherwell crowd thinking, "I'd like to go out for a drink with that drummer guy"?

Less drumming and a bit more skill on the field might appear in my recipe for the long-delayed recovery of Scottish Football. If you're watching Jim Baxter you'll not thank some plonker banging a drum in your left tab.
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I can recall some bad drum moments "many moons ago" when Scotland played Brazil in the World Cup. Not just a few bongo drummers btw - lots n lots of them to really "drive you nuts", esp if one was sitting close to this regular fast beat of drums, and doing it for the whole game! Aye, those were the days!! Rolleyes
I hope the words Scotland, Brazil, playing and World Cup might come together in a sentence again one day, though I wouldn't hold my breath for Qatar, which I fear may be almost as miserable an experience for those who get there as those who don't.

On second thoughts perhaps a Qatari jail might be the ideal location for Motherwell's drummer.
Playing Motherwell tomorrow and our seats are by the away end..............I bet "he" is there. Doh I'll take my earplugs Big Grin
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