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Bankier critical of certain Scot refs at Celtic's stormy AGM!

They don't just have a problem with this pair of refs as the issues centre on other refs (incl this pair) officiating Rangers matches and being hugely favourable towards them when one compares startlingly different "impartial" performances by UEFA refs at Ibronx. The glaring stats are there for all to scrutinise, cover about 8 months of footie and indicate that somehow Rangers players don't foul opponents to the point where a red card is merited and pk awards are rarely given against them either even in instances where eg I've observed a Hibs player almost getting his head kicked off in their pen box at Ibronx - nothing given and the offending Rangers player's (Hagi) relief clearly visible!! And as for issuing retrospective red cards to Rangers players??? WHYYYYYYYYYY????? Esp when a real time red card would've changed the course of certain footie matches in which they were the unpenalised beneficiary and the ref's viewing position is close by and unimpeded - a step too far for the referee eh!! Rolleyes Re the ref, Nick Walsh, any knowledgeable footie fan would highlight the fact that this particular referee had previously "terrorised" footie fans in the lower leagues for years with many fans from Stranraer to Cowdenbeath to East Fife phoning up the bbc/the "odd couple" of Scot Footie, Tam Cowan and Stuart Crowther, on Saturday afternoon and slating Walsh for spoiling their relative footie match with awful displays of refereeing. As for Madden? He is another category of referee who tries to disguise his bias, but has been "found out" years ago re his affiliation to RFC thereby rendering him to be questionable on the impartiality element of his officiating duties. He certainly wouldn't be given certain matches in England because FA refs must declare any interest or affiliation to identified footie clubs in a signed affidavit and any clash of interest, directly or indirectly, would be avoided/filtered out in match allocations for the "common good of the sport" i.e. it automatically removes the issue from the official. IMO Scottish football lags behind more reputable footie leagues in that regard. It is a known "dinosaur" where the problem is well known, but tolerated/endured by all and sundry. Perhaps the eventual introduction of VAR will provide a "ray of hope" in finally improving standards and identifying poor refs/ARs, replacing accordingly.
Madden, Beaton, Robertson, Walsh, Mclean, Dallas Jr, and of course the "sinister minister" Mike McCurry who got caught well and truly red handed for blatant cheating.

All Huns, All of them have robbed hibs over the years against those bastards.
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Just watched Madden's "decision" to give the Dons' player, Ojo, a second yellow card at Tannadice after being pushed in the chest by a DU fan in a bizarre incident in which the player showed commendable restraint. Kept his hands down, naturally responded verbally to the idiot who pushed him back. Madden showing no discretion or common sense whatsoever and clearly "balancing the books" by evening up the number of players on the pitch before HT. He'll argue that Ojo given a yellow card as per the rules of the game. I don't "buy" that excuse in this particular case - a typical lack of understanding and common sense re an unusual incident where a player's momentum has taken him on to the running track and close to the fans.
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