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No more Yorkshire Tea for thee, lad!
Tha' can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha' can't tell 'im ower much tha' knows.

Too many like that on the board by the sound of it.
Reasons to drink real ale
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No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
Ritchie's shopkeeper claimed the word "P..." that I now can't even write for his own, because he was from Pakistan, proud of it, and proud of his standing in a small community. Pakistan is about to win The World Cup and bugger the Barmy Army. Hoofkuicingray!

Gay people, like me, have reclaimed the word QUEER. You can't hurt us with it. "P..." should be worn with pride, and if you're from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or anywhere else, you would be within your rights to point out the ill-educated user needs a lesson not only in racial stereotyping, but also geography and is therefore as thick as the proverbial. And of course there'll still be "P...-bashing" as there's still some queer-bashing, but the only hope is for enough of us to stand with discriminated against minorities that it is the bashers, discriminators and slurrers who run away lookin' like the turds they are.

It's good that Yorkshire are looking like arses, but we also have to give them room to change. Things are changing, but they will only really change when, unlike Snoots school-experience, enough of us as adults or children feel able to step forward and stop it ourselves. (By the way I'm not blaming Snoots for not stepping-up alone. Back then all he'd have done was found out how it feels to have the shit kicked out you!)
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Some awful stuff coming out from Rafiq in this Parliamentary thing going on.
Sounds like the 1970s when I started work. I thought all this had been eradicated by the turn of the century. It certainly was in the workplaces I was in. Can't believe it was like this in the 2010s.
Not that I'm calling him a liar, I'm just astounded by what's been said. And that's just from reading snippets on the BBC site.
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I listened to the first hour or so and it made incredible listening. Rafiq certainly put his points across emotionally and powerfully and stressed that the probable reason certain cricketers (Root and Vaughan were mentioned, and many more too) didn't recall the racial comments was that they were so accustomed to the terms that it meant nothing to them. Yorkshire CCC certainly were left without a leg to stand on after briefing against Rafiq and deliberately ignoring the findings and consequences of their own report.

I'm still undecided as to why he chose to go back for a second spell, unless it was for money to better look after his family.
Cabbage is still good for you

I also listened to a lotta this stuff and must say what an absolute disgrace. As LS previously commented - it is like travelling back in time to the poisonous days of the 1970s. I must say during that time I occasionally came across folk from Yorkshire who really were poisonous racists, pure n simple. Thankfully there were also others who didn't share the same narrative like "we've gotta stop our white cities/towns being taken over by these ####". But that was the kinda racist shit that was coming out of the mouths of people who didn't seem to realise how bigoted it actually was - the middle England view of stopping this perceived threat of being "swamped" by another culture they didn't like. It would be curious to see how common the problem is amongst people in certain regions of England. In other words, "How many folk per 100 interviewees share the same extreme views and behaviour"? Not easy to uncover btw because said interviewees would be very wary of revealing extreme views that are potentially unlawful. What was also very disappointing was the uncommitted stance of certain bystanders who were close to Rafiq - "turned a blind eye" to stuff they should've challenged!!!? And they were supposed team mate/friends of Rafiq????
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As usual, nothing is ever as black and white (deliberate pun) as it first seems. Rafiq now admits to making disparaging posts on Facebook and Instagram against Jews and Africans.

It puts me in mind of Alex Scott on Who Do You Think You Are?, when she learned that one of her black Jamaican forebears owned black slaves. She was visibly stunned and shocked and you could have knocked her over with a feather.

Of course, this does not minimise nor excuse any racist comments made towards Asians and others, but as I said before there is still a lot to come out.
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Cabbage is still good for you
Jeezo......What a complete mess this has become.
Gale and Moxon sacked.
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