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Scotland v Israel, Sat 9 October
What a game. Still time to balls it up yet though.  Whistle
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How can i put this ??????

Oh yeah.......YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd half performance was much brighter and better.

Gilmour is a tremendous wee player, even if he never makes it at chelski.
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Can we please find a half-decent penalty taker instead of Dykes? The default straight down the middle sees a Marciano save. Have we learned nothing from Gary McAllister's pathetic attempt all those years ago? Top corner, lad, every time. It's surprisingly easy.
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Cabbage is still good for you
A 3-2 Scotland victory and what a game! Thumb up Where to start re this roller-coaster of a match? McTominay dreadful in the 1st half, prob one of his worst performances ever and lucky not to have given away two or three goals due to a lack of defensive vigilance on his part - he's not a defender with a top defender's instinct to detect danger! Paterson also very nervous and inexperienced in such a tense game. And Grant Hanley's absence confirmed how well he has played for Scotland during this campaign - sorely missed and no organiser's presence with Scotland's defence "all over the place" in that 1st half. Super John Mac's goal a "cracking" one and a welcome one too and then that fragile Scotland defence concedes the second goal almost immediately and 1-2 Israel - WTF! although surely a highly suspicious hand baw offence preceding Gordon's save!? Just great for Clarke to get the players in at HT and "get them telt" in no uncertain terms to play properly or lose this WC campaign altogether - A GREAT RESPONSE BTW WITH SCOTLAND PLAYERS STARTING TO PLAY (AND BELIEVE!) AT THE LEVEL THAT IS EXPECTED OF THEM AND WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME THAT UNFOLDED IN THAT 2ND HALF!! Thumb up Another VAR decision going our way (phewwwwww!!!), Dykes vindicated just after his dreadful pk effort that had me wondering if Scotland were gonna self-destruct again due to too much pressure/expectation!! But the boys were undeterred this time and what a surprise to see McTominay score his 1st goal, the winner for Scotland after me seriously thinking that Rocky was gonna deny us the victory that the guys had pressed and attacked for in the final 15 mins of this match with some great moves to beat him - JOB DONE AND A HAPPY DRIVE HOME TO CELEBRATE! Smile Gotta deal with the "wee matches" now v The Faroes and Moldova - NAE COMPLACENCY PLEASE!!
McTominay and Patterson had a torrid 1st half, every israel attack came down their side. Patterson looked nervous and coughed up the ball every time and i thought o'donnell should have replaced him at H/T.

That 2nd israel goal should not have stood, and with the penalty we prob should have won more comfortably off the back of that and the chances we made after the interval. Problem we had is our defence was made up of a left back,a midfielder and one CB. Its not ideal and we looked vulnerable at times with simple balls over the top.

I'm liking the club type atmosphere that clarke is fostering at scotland, its the only way forward when we have such a limited pool of players.

Oh and please take Dykes off penalties - that was one of the worst ones i think ive seen taken.
I had no faith in Dykes scoring that pk TBH. I just waited for him to miss it and he did. It looked like Rocky had "done his homework" on Dykes and was never gonna move left or right - he gambled! Dykes looked like he didn't even know what pk was his real option, didn't even "put his laces through it" properly.
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