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Celtic 0 Bayer Leverkusen 4 - a "skelping" as expected!
Strangely Celtic actually started very well and it could've been 2-2 after the first ten mins as they also started well. That all-important 1st goal lost due to an embarrassing piece of indecision by Turnbull who again looked like an absolute dummy in not just clearing a football and "do the obvious" - didn't do that and severely punished in the process. There was only gonna be one winner after that esp for a team that is much higher in quality and ranking than Celtic can offer at this time. Rangers similarly "came a cropper" albeit beaten 1-0, but not that impressive v this kinda company plus ironic that Kamara booed off after being given a red card in Prague esp after all the previous hoo-haa re the racist stuff he endured v them last season. Zero points for both "ugly sisters" so far!! That says it all!
They got leathered because of that insane system they are trying to implement that leaves them "wide open" when their full backs are right up in midfield. McGregor, Turnbull and Rogic is as lightweight a midfield as you can have. Kyogo and Jota look good players but replacing Edouard ? They did miss some great chances and played some nice stuff at pace going forward but you just feel they are very fragile and could easily be got at.

Sevco greating at some school kids booing them Laugh The same pundits getting all outraged about racism will fall silent when the anti Catholic, anti Irish chants starts v us.

They aren't very good either. A shadow of the team from last season creatively and the new players they have signed haven't improved them, we should go there with no fear.
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I think Ange would appreciate a break in the regular injuries that keep arising TBH. He could be doing with Julienne's return after a very long period of injury that nobody could've ever foreseen. His best wingers injured and still missing. He also needs to find a tough, uncompromising mid player to play in front of his defence. IMO The "real" Scott Brown has been missed for a very long time - leadership and effective mid play glaringly not there. McGregor is not the solution IMO. Lotsa work still to do as well as a compromise in tactics i.e. win games and "win ugly" on occasions, the result is more important.
To be honest i'd like to play them right now instead of Sevco, i think celtic are highly vulnerable at the moment and unlikely to change their style to try and address that. Boyle would run riot with their current set up.
Yep! Ange has not dealt with the "building blocks" of this team and what his long-term strategy will be yet. Time will tell if he remains in his position or not. Re Rangers latest use of their "victim card". I watched some bits of this live match and Kamara was booed every time he touched the ball. He wasn't racially abused as far as I could see and the BTS commentators never picked up on that possibility at all. IMO he was booed by SP fans because he was a main player, albeit racially abused months n months ago, in a scene that damaged the reputation of their footie club and therefore a target for heckling. The arrival of Sky Sport backers and others who are trying to ban Sparta Prague in this particular instance is jaw dropping. An offended sectarian footie club and the fickleness re the various poisonous anti-Catholic remonstrations/public disorder of their fans at the tail end of season 2020-21 and in the summer - conveniently ignored! I just hope Hibs play a positive hi-press game plan against them esp days after a testy Euro match in Prague - look for tired legs!! And "turn them over" in the process please!!
Forgot to add that Gerrard, in his post-match interview, even mixed up Sparta Prague with Slavia Prague, the original offenders against Kamara last season. What a convenient "smokescreen" that disguises their own failure last night and lucky the result was only 1-0 against them.
The penalty was harsh, the first could have been avoided the other two were good goals
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Yep! The pk award was just one of these things that cover this issue re the baw hitting a player's hand or arm at such a high velocity. Carter-Vicker's bemused look said it all. Turnbull's 1st half gaffe "opened the door" to them after a decent period of entertaining "toe to toe" footie. Note this is not the 1st time Turnbull has played at this "Euro level" and ended up with "egg on his face". He's still a young lad who may learn from these kinda experiences, but can Celtic afford to give him a regular game esp in Euro matches?
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