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Real Betis 4 Celtic 3 - a thriller in Seville!!
Celtic given a two goal start by this La Liga side and playing some vg footie after 35 mins - could've/should've been 0-3 ahead as another easy scoring opp scorned by Ajeti. Then Real Betis started playing seriously and four consecutive goals gained - their victory definitely a deserved one when they "upped their game" to a higher level. So Celtic have still never won a competitive Euro match in Spain after all these years of trying! Looks like Rangers suffered the same fate in being outclassed by a Ligue 1 team named Olympique Lyonnais, beaten 0-2 by a French footie club team full of better players than the ones that Rangers can afford.
That game was mental and could have easily finished 6-6. Ange has got them playing good stuff but it will all count for nothing unless they learn to defend properly and realise they don't need to stay up the pitch and attack all game every game.

Sevco on the other hand were never really at the races and Lyon won without getting out of 2nd gear. Kent,Morelos and Goldson are the biggest cheats going only tonight they didn't have a scottish referee letting them away with murder....although that said how Goldson didnae see a red card for that 1st half challenge is anyones guess.

Huns look like a team that time is catching up with.
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