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Blocking BT Sport pundits' attendance at Ibrox!!!??? What next??

So Rangers FC brings Scottish footie down another "peg" in this latest embarrassment!!! Thumb down What next from this antagonistic/sectarian Scot football club with certain officials who believe they are bigger than the game itself????? I must say I've never ever seen this type of negative action against pundits who are working for a sports media company covering a Euro footie match. There was a Scot footie guy on bbc radio last night commenting about various SPL clubs getting together to discuss ways to attract more money into the game. Ron Gordon is involved in this venture. The last comment this guy uttered was that, "Scottish footie will be left behind if we don't move to change the financial standing of the game up here". I'd argue that Scottish footie has already been left behind for various reasons, but that is a debate for another day. However, the backward behaviour of Rangers FC in situations like this one (it should never have happened btw!!) doesn't do anything to enhance the reputation of the game at all. The lame excuses being uttered by officials of this footie club are jaw-dropping TBF. So much for their previous sermons about inclusion and all-embracing policies of coming together in a positive way - UTTER CRAP! IT'S ULTIMATELY JUST A GAME/SPORT CALLED FOOTIE OR SOCCER, IT'S NOT A F###### WAR!!!
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Spot on 0762.

If Chelsea can hunt down one bigot how come Glasgow and sevco are so far behind in sorting them out? beggars belief.
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It's ironic on the day bbc Scotland also highlighting the start of the season of Orange Order marches in Glasgow, marches that have spanned a century plus an Orange Grand Master telling us how wonderful and trouble-free it is. The words "anachronistic" and "backward immediately come to mind and one must ask a simple question - "Is Scotland gonna be stuck with this shit, and all the 'loose baggage' attached to it, forever? These people never go away although I suppose one could argue that this persistent historical legacy "focuses minds" to push on more positively towards a better country and society for the true benefit of future generations.
Imagine if Souness was banned from old trafford, or Mccoist from parkhead or if we did that to Levein at Easter road ?

A total embarrassment from that mob, like everything else that comes from them the now it's designed for their base element and their cash. They have an obligation to provide protection for media staff via UEFA, and if they cant do that the games shouldn't be getting shown. The songbook was in full show again tonight, i hope its in the match report and the stadium gets closed.

Despite how things went with us and Lennon on the park i always felt we should have shown him more support when he was telling the truth about anti irish racism in Scotland and how it's never called out. I regard Hibs as a forward thinking, all inclusive, scottish club.... but i regard sticking up for the people who founded us as part of the deal.
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......but , but, the good thing with the Orange Order marches is that they have to be silent when passing Catholic churches Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Doh if
And now the latest negative news emanating from the Police after these Orange Order marches is a condemnation of sectarian singing and unacceptable behaviour!!!!??? Anybody surprised???? We've read this book before so many times ad nauseum!!! Thumb down And then an ex-Labour FM named Lord McConnell brazenly blames the Scottish Govt for exacerbating the problem down the years????? WTF is that all about??? What about the identified perpetrators and the whole rotten historical practise (long before the SNP ever went into governance of Scotland!!) that feeds this toxic attitude/behaviour??? Is it "gutter level" Unionist politics being played out again? Nothing new in that respect btw based on political events covering the last few months against the hated SNP/Scottish govt - not even very subtle any more TBF!!
Ah, but according to the Grand Wizard of the Orange Order, or whatever his title is, the organisation is nothing to do with religion or sectarianism. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Doh
Didn't this organisation previously try to get involved in the politics of Scot independence and joining up with their Unionist backers to stop it at all costs? Another "string" to add to their toxic "bow"!!
They certainly favoured a "No" vote in 2014 and tried to persuade its members to do just that. They had a march through Edinburgh a few days before the vote in support of a "No" vote. Based on their history I wouldn't have expected anything else.
There were 51 orange order marches in glasgow and the surrounds, why on earth do they need that many ? Why cant they just have one event, stick em all in a park afterwards and properly steward and police the whole thing? Then they can bang their drums all night. But naw thats not good enough, their KKK culture and vile hangers on have to be out and being confrontational and spreading hatred. Personally I'd allow both the orange marches and the republican marches one a year and make them pay for anything above that.

Tellingly several figures associated with rangers were pictured marching in these parades including one former director. So lets not pretend they are not closely linked.
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