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WBA vs Millwall & Derby
I think we are expecting to win every game.
A point was about a fair reflection of the game today. Val has his work cut out, general improvements needed throughout the team.
Happy with a point, especially as Fulham lost.
2020 the year the bubble burst  Doh
Yup. Didn't see it but agree with last 2 comments - we can't and won't win every game...... we're still unbeaten and top of the league just a few weeks after appointing a new HC.
I'll settle for that!
i will call it the way i saw it today
and it was football yes one team were not even trying
going down under the slightest contact disrupting the game at every opportunity
ref was a total t**t

as for the game
we played into their hands long balls into what forward line we did have were food and drink to their back 3/4/5/6 at times
we had no urgency  
they came to spoiil and maybe nick a goal and thats what they did
and if it wasnt for their pi$$ poor finishing  the could have taken all three points

a point is a point
and on a sour note  i see the cavemen from london were up to their old tricks again
absolutely disgusting 
anyway onto tuesday
@Kristien 1965
2 changes a half time

Quite boring if I’m honest

Far too much hooooof balll

All very neat

Very tidy

Few worldly saves by their keeper

Just missing that killer instinct
One of those games - again, or so it looks...
25 - 4 goal attempts, 9 -0 on target...
Oh well - another point
Derby parked the bus from the word go. We created plenty of chances considering, but just couldn't put any away. One of those nights.
Pretty disappointed this evening...

Feels like we have come back down to earth with a bang in the last 2 games. It's going to be a tough season with this wafer thin squad of players and lack of genuine quality.

I thought we were poor against Millwall, but put it down to them being big, tough and spoiling...

After watching Blues bully Derby on Friday, I thought we would walk all over them with our blood and thunder tactics. But at this moment, it feels like we might have been found out.

First 45 minutes we didn't turn up again. Endless aimless hoofball. Wingers offering nothing. What's the point in Karlan Grant? Can't trap a ball, can't beat a man, can't pass, no pace.

Second half after introducing Hugill we were better. We huffed and puffed and did deserve to win.

But the fact a poor side like Derby managed to keep us out, despite being soft and having a pair of geriatrics at the back leads me to believe this will be a common theme.

With tactics of simply "bombard", I think you need all 3 of you centres halfs to all be a threat in the box. We're missing Clarke and O'Shea.

We don't have the quality in the squad for a plan B, so I think we're going to see a lot of games like this. Mowatt is a real shining light in terms of quality, but otherwise we look very ordinary. I think the squads that Bilic and Moore had were far superior to this. So if we do manage to get promoted this season, Ismael will have worked wonders with this set of players.

Hugill has to start the next game flanked by Robbo and Phillips IMO. Grady and Grant just aren't doing enough for me. The latter I'd be happy to drop right down the pecking order.
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25 shots, 9 on target. We don't seem to have too much problem in creating chances. We were all crying out for a goal scorer to be signed in the transfer window and it seems like that’s our Achilles heel. Agree with Slick that Grant is £15million worth of disappointment and needs to be left out, although we don’t exactly have a queue of strikers waiting behind him. I think Phillips definitely needs to start and perhaps it’s time to try Hugill from the outset. I’d be sorry to leave Grady out but it’s clearly not working at present
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The light at the end of the tunnel is the light of an oncoming train
And now Preston with a 1-1? This will make 4 draws this campaign and loss of points. I'd rather they lost 2 and won 2, at least that would give us 2 more points and we'd be the top team instead of 3rd as it is.

What's the point of having 60%+ possession if we can't convert that into goals. This is serious, and we need the forwrds to have pot shots rather than walking it into goal - or someone who can score goals - what has happened to Grant, what set up did Huddersfield play that allowed him to be a top scorer?

This season is resembling the one one before last year - scratchy bum times.
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I am still not sure about team selection, I personally think Robinson should be starting in the middle, Phillips on one side or from the No 10 position and Grady on the other. I have seen nothing of Hugill either for us or online that suggests for a second, he should be starting in front of CR.
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