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Lions Tour ~ Views & comments welcome.
Any union fans out there ? Happy to hear your thoughts on the current tour. Easy win yesterday as expected with harder games to come. Have booked TV coverage of all games thru' Talk~Talk .  ~ Tobias .
Due to Covid infections & isolations the Lions now have a rearranged fixture against the Sharks this weekend, a team hey have already beaten earlier and posted 50+ points. South Africa are experiencing a massive rate infection currently and I do wonder whether the actual tests will take place. It has already been agreed that the Test matches and all other games will be played behind close doors. Voices calling for the tour to be cancelled must now be in ' I told you so ' mood.
Be luck if it finishes are rumours of it being transferred to the UK
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

Thankyou themaclad ! I read your post , I heard what you said, I think I know what you mean. !!!
Anyone have views or comments on the Lions selection for the 1st Test this coming Saturday .(?)

Asking for a friend.
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