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England Expects
May be we were just lucky with our view.
(15-07-2021, 20:17)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: I honestly can't see why you say that, Jim. We've had 2 really good trips there and it's not that long ago, really. Wembley's not a dump, Snoots, it's where it's located that's a dump.

Someone mentioned security at Wembley. I think it is bad. When we went for the last playoff final it was just after Manchester Arena bombing. There was someone behind us who had got in with a backpack and there was specific guidelines about the sizes of bags you could take in. I think it was one, no larger than 12" by 12". That backpack was bigger.

No bags should be allowed in any bigger than a piece of A4 paper is the official rule, then again no flags are allowed in that are bigger than 2mtr x 1.5mtr and guess what....they still get them in

Wembley is a fine stadium with fantastic facilities, if you ever get the chance to sit in the Club Wembley seats you will not fail to be impressed. Its's everything the lower and upper tiers have but better.

Hampden Park, only been the once for Scotland v England. Atmosphere was brilliant but the facilities were poor, the view from the front was poor and they didn't even sell beer which to be fair is the law in Scotland. Frog marched to and from the stadium to Kings Park Station...proper football day out Big Grin Big Grin
We got to go our own way there both for the final and Commonwealth games. Although we did have a mega queue to get in for the games. Security was immense. We had to queue to be checked by the army which was fine but it was teeming it down! I suppose it was classed as 2 minor teams for the cup final being ICT v Falkirk. If one of the main players had been there, I expect we would have been much more controlled getting to Hampden. I like Wembley stadium, just don't enjoy going to London any more. I have been fortunate to be in the shaded side both times I have been. I would hate being in full sun. You were sat behind us the first time we went, Wakey! Mind you, I liked the old Wembley but that was the exuberance of youth. It was exciting to go to the capital then and the atmosphere was brilliant. I wouldn't have liked it as an adult. I find Hampden much easier to handle. Plus I like my breaks in Glasgow (and Edinburgh). I could visit those cities time and again and never get bored. It's so strange because I hate cities in general and especially London but I have I have a lot of holidays and breaks there. I counted nearly 40 (I know you can trump that, Wakey!) so that's enough for me. Although, I would go back to Wimbledon at the drop of a hat, done that 4 times. A day there is magical to me. Queen's, too, I need to do that again!
London wouldn't be in my top 10 places to visit. I'm not over keen on the locals and the prices are extortion compared to us yocals living in the North, but if you know where to stay, eat and drink it makes the visit more bearable.
The worst part of any trip to Wembley is normally getting the tube in and out of Wembley. Although the stewards do a fantastic job with the flow it does become crowded, but that is to be expected when Wembley/Brent Council have basically flogged off all the land around it for development that used to be coach parking.
You also have to keep in mind that Wembley holds 90,000 where as Hampden is somewhere around 51/52k mark so nearly half as many more at Wembley to deal with and usually the earlier you get there the easier it is to get in. 3hrs before Kick off for the Euro Final and we still had to queue for the turnstile and that's before it all kicked off in and around Wembley.

Town winning at Wembley still tops my all time list of football days but i can tell you the atmosphere after the Germany game comes a close 2nd and we were stuck in a corner away from the more vocal sections of England support.

Hampden Park was great but it does need improving, and with so much space behind the goals they have a massive scope in what they could build but the trouble is a) do The SFA have the money b) If they do have the money is it worth the investment

By the way I agree that both Edinburgh and Glasgow are nicer places to visit than London
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Honestly don't think the atmosphere at Hampden is that great now, in the 70s and 80s it was incredible.

The rebuild was a chance to do it right. Proper stands with 2 tiers, corporate boxes. Instead they kept the idea of really shallow terracing and single tier seating. Fans are really far away from the pitch. If you're behind one of the goals then you won't see much thats happening at the other end of the park. That track just makes it worse.

Its also in a really bad part of town logistically as well, most of the time you are better just walking the 25 mins from the centre to the ground. It needs a proper upgrade.

Then again Hampden cost 60 mill, Wembley cost 3/4 of a billion.
Hampden was bad for getting away after the cup final. The queue for the train station was horrendous. We ended up going to the Asda and getting a taxi back to the hotel.
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Aye snoots, more often than not have just walked it. Taxis are cheap and plentiful in Glasgow though.

I remember once coming back from a concert at Hampden with the wife who was heavily pregnant at the time and some bus that was already full stopped for us. Doubt very much that would have happened in Edinburgh Laugh
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We got bussed in for the Commonwealth Games. A park n ride from a shopping centre. Very well organised.
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