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UEFA Champs League quali draw - it is FC Midtjylland!
Nothing funnier than seeing Celtic and Rangers fail in Europe season after season
Celtic were the only seeded side to go out.
Their fitness levels, a hangover from the Lennon era are appalling, and their manager is already moaning about how the board deals with transfers. He has a massive job on his hands.

The weekends game for them is going to be very interesting.
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They were not gonna beat PSV in the next quali round anyway. Indeed it would've likely been embarrassing for Celtic v this top Eeredivisie side based on that display last night. IMO this manager needs to quickly establish the "solid spine" of his team. Goalie - not Barkas!! There are decent goalies around who are better than this "car crash" of a goalie and the prob didn't just arise at this point in time. Therefore this is one huge criticism of Celtic and their new recruitment setup in not dealing with this issue long before this Euro quali period ever started. Next position to deal with is the CB one. Choose the player wisely plus a second back up and "go with it"! The CF position looks like it is covered. But the Japanese lad needs to be established asap (not the manager's fault) - could be a potentially vg player!
PSV would have walloped either of those teams, but getting through would at least have got them a europa spot and a much needed boost going into the season.

To a large degree Rangers have been very patient with Gerrard and let him have 3 seasons of nothing to get his players together. This guy has been allowed years to get his teams together in Japan and Australia, because of things outside his control he isn't going to get that at parkhead where the club needs a major overhaul....yesterday.

Their best bet is probably to wait til Gerrard fucks off to England and let their neighbours xxxx up their next managerial appointment Laugh Whistle
Re the goalie position - Celtic sign up Joe Hart from Manchester City. No surprise there and Hart should perform OK in a Scot Premiership footie environment.
Thats a funny signing....hardly one for the future but even with his dodgy moments increasing probably better than what they have.

They have also signed James McCarthy, a player who has had his injury problems but performed very well in the EPL for Palace and Everton.
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