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European Championships Prediction League 2021 Matchday 1
(09-06-2021, 21:33)theo_luddite Wrote: Scotland scorers: Noooooobody (that's a Jock anyway)

I had this with SCO last season. Putting nobody as a scorer is like playing an extra badger. If he wanted to put no scorer as a badger, fair enough, but I'm not giving points for just putting "no scorer".
And we're not playing badgers in this game.

I know we're playing for a massive cash prize, but rules is rules. Whistle

(10-06-2021, 12:36)Devongone Wrote: Scotland scorers: Hanley (og) does that count?

Yes. If the Czechs had got an own goal, you would've had 2 points for that, regardless of who scored it. If Hanley had scored in the proper net though....nil points. Tongue
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Monday 14th June:
Spain 2-2 Sweden (20:00)

Tuesday 15th June:
Hungary 1-0 Portugal (17:00)
France 2-1 Germany (20:00)
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