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The Eddie Howe signing saga - bizarre!!!
This has definitely been a shock for the Celtic hierarchy and it goes hand in hand with the whole disappointing COVID footie season 2020-21 - unbelievable!! And the reasons given for Howe's sudden retraction are baffling TBH!! Surely there are alternatives rather than employing certain footie people to make up his backroom staff. Is this just an excuse and lets watch what happens in the footie management merry go round in the coming weeks - see where he ends up!! Anyway Celtic need to move sharpish after being misled by this time waster - months of chat/negotiation blootered by a highly questionable character who IMO deserves a "mouthful" for wasting time and energy!! In other words, "Just say yes or no" instead of pissing about in the manner that this guy did it!!! By all accounts, it looks like Chris Wilder, the ex Sheffield United manager, is the favourite to get the job. However, I wouldn't place any certainty on that appointment although I have no doubt that Celtic have an alternative target. They need to get their fanbase onside quickly - too many f### ups!!
Now it transpires that Celtic moved immediately for the former head coach of the Australia national football team, Ange Postecoglou. I reckon a lotta Hoops fans will be checking on Wikipedia to find out his identity. Not a well known name by any manner or means but it would not matter one jot if he has the "tools" to quickly revamp Celtic to a far more accountable and competitive team compared with the continuous shambles that unfolded during a footie season that was undeniably surreal due to the pandemic crisis and all the constraints that were attached to it.
You are winding me up ? Laugh

"Big Ange" would end up decking Gerrard on the touchline. An absolute heidbanger!!
Maybe they need somebody like this guy who is possibly a better manager than a lotta people realise (I recall that a little known manager named Arsene Wenger came from the J League all these years ago before joining Arsenal!) and has some "combative qualities" (sounds like he is a bad loser!) that will gel in a Celtic team which was unhealthily passive through most of season 2020-21.
I noticed Jackson Irvine raving about his motivational skills, and how much he loved working with him for Australia. But c'mon this guy is nowhere near the calibre of coach celtic should be getting..... He's in his mid 50s and has only managed in Australia,japan and the greek lower leagues.

He also has had numerous bust ups (sometimes violent) with players and the media. He's proper car crash material in the Scottish scene. They dont need to take this kind of gamble.

Something seriously wrong at that club.
There is another candidate "in the mix". Dunno who he is. But it certainly looks like Ange is the manager they are trying to sign up. I'm surprised they didn't go back to the Salzburg RB American manager. However, listening to a good number of other Aussie players and there is a common opinion that he is one of the best managers they ever played under.
Appears he may not have the correct coaching badges now. Doh

Celtic are making a right pigs ear of this appointment .........there must be some raging down darkheid way. Smile
I don't think Gerrard did when he started either newhaven. Think you just have to sign up to taking them, I don't think its that big an obstacle.

There is certainly a lot of rage about this appointment though, this guy is famed for playing gung-ho style football in the Aussie league which is like a slower version of league one down south. The pace and aggression here will be a shock for him, and this season the fans are likely to be back in the stadium and they are already extremely pissed off. The pressure from them and the media is going to be intense, he has never experienced anything close to that.

Its mad Pedro Caixinha all over again I reckon - should be entertaining at least Laugh
Aye Jim.

Whoever gets the gig has got to hit the ground running as if they don't and start to fall behind sevco from the outset, the wrath of the green brigade will certainly be heard inside Celtic Park next season.

As you say it will be entertaining and popcorn time. Wink
Was reading grant brebner (remember him) saying this guy is a really good coach, but he's a stickler for fitness and professionalism.
Sparky could end up getting knocked down sauchiehall street if this guy gets the gig Laugh

Wouldn't surprise me if there is another twist in the tale here and they are stalling for Stevie Clarke to become available.

Brebner pointed out we are talking about someone with 25+ years of coaching at Seniors, world cups, youth development, Asian cups, winning titles in Australia and Japan.

Maybe I'm falling into that old Scottish trap of dismissing anyone foreign who isn't a star. Its entirely possible he is a good coach, I just think that might be the least of his problems.
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