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Final of England FA Cup - Leicester City VS Chelsea Prediction
Hi! Nice to be a member here. I would like to share my opinions about football League with you guys. The Fox and Blues are going to play for the final of FA Cup. I pick Chelsea will the be winner.

Leicester City
Taking three points from Manchester United in last game not only makes them in high morale but also causes them fatigued. They have tried their best in last game playing against Man Utd. It seems that they are not fully ready for upcoming game as a lack of rest.
They have less time to rest than Leicester City because they play a high intensive game three days ago. But Thomas Tuchel have rotated their squad in last game and make great preparation for upcoming game.
Chelsea are slightly better than Leicester City. In addition, Chelsea play well as traveller, getting a twelfth-match unbeaten run with 70% winning percentage in away games. Chelsea are looking good for a shot at the title this season of the Tournament.
Prediction: 0-2, 1-2
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Welcome to Sportsbabble, Alexalphago.

I fancy Leicester to finally win a Final this time. They've lost four finals previously in 1949, 1961, 1963 and 1969. I reckon they might just do it this time.
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And the Cup goes to Filbert Street. 1-0 to Leicester, just. Another very close VAR decision thwarted the Chelsea in injury time.
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Deserved win for Leicester, they are a club that are doing so many things right!!
They have an excellent manager and are run by people with vision and competence. It's always a good combination.
Sad OK result is 1-0. Congratulations for Fox to win the title of FA Cup first time. It is a great achievement.
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