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Possibly on another thread but struggling where else to put it.....

Is there really any need for this - it doesn't happen on this site that I recall but really - don't other forums and platforms need to get their acts in order?
Reasons to drink real ale
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There is no need for it in any part of society but social media and online platforms make it easy for keyboard warriors to say what they want and remain out of physical reach of the person they are abusing. Its not going to go away on its own and social media need to do more but todays modern world gives them a platform that for many years wasn't there after it was somewhat curtailed on the terraces.

What amazed me from the article is that Akinfenwa was one of the top 3 players to be abused!! I get it with Sterling and Zaha and the higher profiles they have in the game, but Akinfenwa is a bit of a cult hero rather than a figure that hate should be aimed at!!
And a Notts County coach has been sacked for making a racial slur, during the actual social media blackout. Saying things out loud that should've remained inside his head.
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