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Jonjo Kenny definitely a failure but not the only one!

Calum McGregor has certainly been a "car crash" of a midfield player on so many different occasions incl that recent game v Rangers where he has had another "accident" that messed up team chances of winning a match. But it is good to see through Kenny's awful performance as well even though he is not the only failure. For Everton to apparently demand £10M for this poor standard of player is really "having a laugh" and Celtic should return him after a trial period that he has clearly failed - seek and find a better performer than that for less money! And do the same for the "main spine" of the team - a vg goalie required, a solid CB, a proper centre forward after Edouard "moved on", a respected and effective captain and a top midfield player who can dominate a match. However, before all that happens, perhaps the Celtic board should start communicating properly with their own fans re the acquisition of a new manager, a new recruitment official and a new sporting director - lots to do in the coming weeks to get lotsa disenfranchised Celtic fans "back onside"!! Celtic FC definitely has the financial muscle to do this compared with any other footie club in Scotland and I think they can turn it around a lot quicker than many media critics seem to think but they need the right people in place to do it.
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