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2021 Women's World Championships
Once again Switzerland breezed through the tournament, this time beating United States by 7-3 with an end to play, the US conceding the game.

In the other Semi-final RCF and Sweden had big scores in the middle of the game, RCF with 4 shots and Sweden with 3 shots. Coming in to the last end the Russians led by 2 shots and had 5 stones near the centre line at the front of the rings. Sweden managed to get one good shot in, but Anna Hasselborg had a really difficult shot to try for a second shot, but failed by a fraction of an inch in her take-out, leaving RCF to progress.

Therefore United States will play Sweden in the Bronze Medal Match at 3.30pm this afternoon, with RCF taking on Switzerland in the Gold/Silver Match at 8pm tonight. Both games will be on Eurosport2, including highlights of the Semi-finals from 1pm and 7pm.
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And finally, it all comes down to the medals.

In the Bronze Medal match, United States remarkably scored 5 shots in the 7th end while 2 shots down to change the whole dynamics of the game, eventually winning by 9-5 with an end to play. Anna Hasselborg played a strange kind of shot with her last stone, leaving Tabitha Peterson a straightforward take-out to remove the sole Swedish shot in the rings.

RCF and Switzerland both played a cagey, low-scoring game, with the Russians even deliberately refusing to take a single shot in 3 consecutive ends. Only 5 of the 10 ends resulted in a score and Switzerland ran out winners by 4 shots to 2. The Swiss have been the dominant team and easily been the best individual players all week and fully deserve the victory..

GOLD - Switzerland
BRONZE - United States
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