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Dundee Utd 0 Celtic 0 - CFC finally lose the title BUT.....
........the manner in which this team dropped the requisite points to lose the league title at Tannadice (instead of possibly at Celtic Park) today v a fairly average to poor United side really is open to question and downright suspicion!!! Totally outplayed DU and about 30 shots on the United goal today and the comments uttered by certain commentators and pundits like "remarkable how Edouard missed that particular shot in front of goal" or astounding that player A or B or C missed that chance from 4 yards, 5 yards out or managed to hit the goalie - it sounded like a "stuck record player" to be frank about it!! I've watched footie for well nigh 60 years and I reckon I've played well over 600 matches at various levels since the days when I was lucky enough to play for Edinburgh schools and this particular match is placed high on my list of dodgy match results. I sometimes joke to my kids that I'd have scored a particular scoring opp shown on the tv "in ma sleep", the chance being too easy to miss and I'd certainly apply that comment in a good number of instances where certain Celtic players didn't do their reputations any favours today. I'll just say that I always played in any competitive footie match to try and win the game - a pure n simple philosophy from someone who "played to compete and try to win a game of footie" and that view remains and falls within the integrity/true principles of the game and how it is played around the world. I did not like what I was observing today from certain Celtic players and I reckon a lotta people won a lotta money on this result today after observing the events unfold after about 60 mins.

And Roy K was never a man for "mincing his words" esp when it comes to anything to do with a seriously toxic Scot footie club called Rangers FC - classic Roy Keane response lol!! Laugh And Souness coyly sitting there "taking it all in"!
Today,S result was a foregon conclusion because after Rangers won yesterday win there was no way Celtic would give Rangers a chance to win the league at Parkhead. It was quite obvious that the Celtic players were not interested in the game and looking forward to their holidays in the sun.
If I were a Celtic fan I would be annoyed and disgusted at the way they approached this game - and a lot more this season.
I would be prepared to offer good odds on Celtic winning 3 or 4 nothing today if Rangers had lost yesterday.
That'S a good argument for getting back ti a situation where all teams played their games on the same day, at the same time.
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Congratulations to sevco on winning their first ever trophy. They played very well this season and addressed all the weaknesses from previous seasons, in particular being over reliant on El Fuddalo and beating the smaller teams in the winter.

It would be nice if they avoided huge gatherings and waited to a more suitable time, you know with a pandemic still a major issue. Some of us cant even visit our family and friends.

But no, idiots will be idiots.
Save a word for the Scot refereeing fraternity as well Jim. I'm not gonna spend too much time on the issue because it has been covered extensively in other threads on this board but certain refs "played their part" in ensuring a clearway was always there for RFC. That doesn't detract from the deserved achievement of winning the Scot Prem but the stats covering pks and red cards definitely tell a story re that side of the game being dodgy. IMO they didn't need that kinda extra help anyway but it was definitely self-evident as the season progressed and the "dodgy ref incidents" kept racking up in their favour!!Thumb down IMO bring in VAR asap - better than nothing OR at least provide official video monitors on the sidelines for an uncertain or unsighted referee to visit and quickly assess an incident again. IMO something has to be done to clean up the game in that regard - long overdue!
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