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The Hun press is becoming a joke! Brown did nowt - MOVE ON!
I think most of us can see through that "smokescreen" NH!! This is a disguised form of more pressure being applied to Scot refs. In other words, "You're doing a good job for Rangers FC but be warned we are watching you - don't let up"!! As Jim previously commented, the number of observed incidents/offences committed by Rangers throughout the season is damning. For example, that ignored high boot by Hagi on Newell's head was a classic example of a fundamental rule at any level of footie, covering dangerous play, blatantly ignored by a so-called reputable Scot ref wearing a FIFA badge on his shirt! AND GOLUM CLEARLY SAW IT BUT CHANGED THE INTERPRETATION OF THE OFFENCE - IGNORED IT!! Thumb down Up to now, I've counted about 11 dodgy decisions given to RFC this season. There is probably more than that but these ones were definitely highly questionable - some ignored and others meriting either a warning or an inadequate yellow card like that one astonishingly given to Roofe last night.
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(04-02-2021, 01:57)0762 Wrote: Ditto! Watched it on bbc Sportscene but Ritchie didn't you notice the low key response from Shelley Kerr and James McFadden re that horrific Roofe tackle????? Thank god they both agreed it was a straight red card offence under current footie rules but that was a leg-breaker that they hardly described properly at all!! I'm damn sure Mikey Stewart would've been scathing re that tackle but I don't think he is given Rangers games to debate any more!? I'm thinking, "Is this the way it is gonna be in the future with these c#### trying to impose their will on an already biased (or frightened!) media plus weak footie authorities and referees"?? I hope not!!

McFadden describes the challenge as a loss of control, but in my eyes Roofe was in complete control - it was a deliberate act to take Davidson out of the play.
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Absolutely, to say there was a loss of control is ludicrous. Both of them also said there was 'no intent' but how the xxxx can you possibly know that ?

It was a straight leg, studs up, over the ball challenge. It was reckless and endangered the opponent, it's a straight red card and again right in front of the ref. The truth is though that if Mcfadden called it for what it is he probably wouldn't get back on the show for a while
2 game ban offered for Roofe.
I must say haven't the past 10 days, between Wed 27 Jan to yesterday, been so enlightening re Rangers FC and the highly questionable ref decisions/stats associated with their players' actions through the Scot footie season so far plus the biased coverage that emanates from a big chunk of the media/press. It all started with that Morelos stamp on Porteous on Wed 27 Jan which should've seen Rangers down to 10 men inside 18 mins of the game - a clear ref misjudgement (or other) although his view from 8 metres was unimpaired!!Thumb down Then Morelos scores the winning goal but days later given a 3 match ban by the SFA ref review panel!!??? Seven days later on Wed 3 Feb a worse 1st half offence is committed by a Rangers player, Roofe, v Saint Johnstone. I'd deem it the most horrific challenge of the season so far!! However, the referee called it a yellow card offence!!? This ref was again positioned about 8 metres from Roofe's "leg-breaker" and his view was unimpaired!!!? Rangers proceed to win the match on another 1-0 score line and benefit again from another crucial/wrong ref decision?? Days later the SFA offer a two match ban to Roofe. One can see a common theme unfolding or, as suggested by some partisan Hun fans and pundits, it is mere coincidence. The failure by Scot refs in certain matches throughout the season is glaring and definitely "open to question" - they've been given every ref decision on pks and red card offences (Scot Prem matches) since the start of the season. The only glitch was v Saint Mirren in a Scot League Cup quarter-final when a pk was finally awarded against them and they were eventually beaten for the first time - FUNNY THAT EH!!!? Rolleyes The other thing that struck me is how passive most of the Hun media and press responded to Roofe's tackle as I "went out my way" at my local newsagent to study some of the unionist "rag" reports (Thursday 4 Feb) on their match v Saint Johnstone. The deliberate "playing down" of this horrific offence was disgraceful when I reflect back to their reaction after Ryan Porteous's red card tackle on Barisic last season at ER Stadium. I'd include Rangers attempted intimidation of Porteous in that critical comparison. Another thing that struck me after that outrageous Roofe tackle was the passive post match response of the Saint Johnstone officials incl their manager, Calum Davidson!!? Were they frightened to criticise/object, are they Hun backers or is there no great team spirit/camaraderie in their squad?? Just a game of footie even though one of their players almost had his leg broken by a reckless Keimar Roofe!!? I found this response to be baffling!! Even the likes of bbc Sportsound was passive re their summary of Rangers win v Saint Johnstone - literally "airbrushed" the Roofe incident from their narrative - a total cover up of the facts and the advantage that Rangers were given again by an SFA assigned referee. I'm curious to read and listen to tomorrow's response to the Roofe ban from the same press/media people who are so disingenuous when it comes to this kinda stuff - an absolute disgrace and I'm sure we are not the only Scot footie fans up n down the country who are aware of this sham!!
(05-02-2021, 18:02)hibeejim21 Wrote: 2 game ban offered for Roofe.

The Huns appealing against that two match ban!!?????? IMO the height of impudence and absolutely no class in this footie club at all! Roofe committed one of the most horrific challenges of the footie season and they couldnae even "take it on the chin" and move on as they unfairly won the game v St Johnstone with Roofe remaining on the pitch FFS!! Listening to tonight's comments on bbc Sportsound re their pundits' verdict on the Hun appeal and all opined it was a straight red card although low key in any condemnation of that tackle that badly injured Davidson. Nuts!!
They haven't been very good since late November have they ? So now they are doing their usual number by playing the victim. The officials have certainly played their part this season in helping them.

Gerrard going on about consistency in decisions is some kind of sick joke.
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