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Betfred Cup QF: St Mirren 3 Rangers 2 - another cup slips away from RFC!
So the Buddies become the first Scot footie club to end the Govan club's unbeaten run and simultaneously deny them another chance to win a domestic trophy - still no significant domestic cups won yet since their return to the "top flight"!!
Also Jim Goodwin, who clearly stifled Tavernier's attacking contribution in a tactical sense, sent off for over-celebrating(????) Why does this happen in games v this particular footie club??????
Another 2-3 Cup defeat.  Laugh  Laugh  Laugh  Thoroughly deserved.

And Ryan Kent booked for diving in the penalty box - with Andrew Dallas as referee. Hilarious.

Correction - Dallas was injured in the warm-up and was replaced by David Dickinson. Obviously no time for Rangers to come to an "Arrangement". Now that's the Real Deal.
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Cabbage is still good for you
butbutbutbut .....everyone told me they were invincible. Laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh

They had a major blow in losing their 12th man Dallas in the warm up..... You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh Laugh Laugh Laugh
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Noted Jim Goodwin pointing out something 0762 has been saying for a while and basing St Mirrens tactics on it. Press the hun fullbacks and keep Kent quiet and they are an extremely limited side. They rely heavily on set pieces from soft fouls gifted readily to them by the SFAs "hun with a whistle" refs. Why so many teams sit off them I don't know.

They actually created little to nothing from open play v Dundee Utd as well. They have benefitted hugely from their scum supporters not being on their backs in games this season.

Be very interesting to see if they slip up further this winter like they have done every season without fail under Gerrard.

Oh and kris boyds face at full time Laugh Laugh Laugh
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