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VAR? Time to scrap it or call a moratorium on it?
After observing a great Pukki goal tonight for Norwich City v Spurs being unjustly disallowed for a miniscule offside violation (in centimetres!), is it not time to call a halt to this farce? This VAR decision is the latest of many throughout the Premiership season and the lack of acceptable tolerance in favour of an attacking forward is absolutely ridiculous. Compare the same VAR system being practised in the likes of Serie A and it is "apples and pears" in comparison where some leeway is given in instances where the offside violation is miniscule - the difference in interpretation is glaringly obvious where English FA officials really need to rethink how they are affecting the result of a footie match in such a way!! What a joke and today it was the Canaries who were the latest victims!!
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There has to be a margin of doubt. How on earth can they tell which is the correct frame to take the decision from?
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Always thought in circumstances like Pukki's goal last night the advantage should always be given to the attacker IMV they were guessing on that one however my cynical nature kicks in if it's against a so called bigger team it would be ruled no goal against a smaller team it's a goal.
VAR is wank no two ways about it, if you are stopping a game for three minutes to make a decision you are killing the flow of the game.
Today it's the old firm kick about, no VAR and you can bet your life there will be moments were the ref gets it wrong but that what makes the game what it is. VAR will make games soulless
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Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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And the latest embarrassing VAR episode centres on a really good equalising goal for Wolves v Liverpool at Annfield and, HEY PRESTO, the VAR miniscule offside ruling "strikes again" - even Sky Sport pundit, Souness, removing his biased "hat" to condemn the interpretation of this offside rule - how precise d'ya wanna be? Exactly - it's not Wimbledon tennis precision, certainly shouldn't be!!
Nowhere near as poor as Sheff Utd goal that never crossed the line. They forgot to switch it on. Does anyone believe them. The ref said his watch didn't buzz. You can't tell me he didn't check it was working before the kick off. New technology can be just as easily corrupted by brown envelopes as anything else. TURN IT OFF
let the ref and linesmen earn their money and let the fans argue if the decision is right or wrong.
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Why didn't the VAR man alert the ref? It was a clear mistake.
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id give it another chance this season.

im glad they straight called that handball on koch yesterday. just an obivous one.

caught some obv offsides too. although i dont like the one for zaha 2nd, where his feet are in line but his armpit is not.

if you ever played football you know you try to stay onside using your feet. like a WR staying in bounds.
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