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Celtic 0 Livingston 0 - you don't win league titles performing like this!

Sure, Livingston set up to frustrate and were well organised defensively and played well. However, Celtic, even without the injured Rogic, still played positively and used their flanks effectively - had the requisite scoring opps to win this match! Celtic really have to win these kinda games v such limited opposition! The "icing on the cake", in a negative sense, happened at the very end of the game when the red-carded Livy defender, Obileye, gave away a pk and a huge opportunity for Celtic to just "take the 3 pts" and move on. And what happened next was just bizarre - a Greek player with "no bottle", Giakoumakis, misses the pen thereby giving Rangers the opportunity tomorrow to go 4 pts clear and they will take it!! Nuts!! Why Juranovic, who takes a good pen, wasn't given the opp, is beyond me!! To "rub salt in the wounds", the Greek lad "fluffed his lines" about a minute later by mishitting his shot in front of the Livy goal when it was easier to score - no redemption for the big man, not a good day for him at all. Ange's post-match interview was a "picture" and no wonder - totally let down by certain players, but didn't wanna say so - try to stay positive, no doubt. One positive to mention is that James Forrest entered the field of play after a long lay-off. His return could eventually offset this disappointment as long as he stays fit.
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