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Scottish Cup: Rangers v Celtic, Sunday 18 April
I'm convinced Celtic will lose this match as they will definitely be playing the Huns plus a Hun backing referee at Ibronx UNLESS THEY REALLY SHOW UP AND TURN THEM OVER COMPREHENSIVELY IN A SOLID HI-PRESS PERFORMANCE that wins the game in spite of the usual underhand efforts of the match official. Is the assigned ref Madden again????? It wouldn't surprise me but I don't know who it is. IMO John Kennedy must emphasise to every Celtic player that 11 players must remain on the field of play for obvious reasons and esp where the ref will be there to give them an advantage at the slightest opportunity - total discipline is paramount in order to have any chance in this must win match!! Also emphasise they've never won a major domestic cup in about 10 years.
Don't think Hibs will have much chance as they are playing elsewhere. Big Grin Big Grin ( thread title)

 Now Celtic might, if they turn up. Thumb up
Ooops! Duly amended! I normally review any thread that I submit but in a rush last night to do other tasks.
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Cant see celtic winning, simply because they cannot defend set plays and sevco are very strong in that department and the hun with the whistle will no doubt be obliging by giving them loads.

They have just appointed a new chief exec, looks like they are making some changes behind the scenes before they change things on the playing front.
I suspect there will be a pivotal moment when the Huns are given some kinda controversial ref decision that they will benefit from AGAIN. It'll be a red card call of some sort against a Celtic player or the usual pk decision for Rangers that will be debated as either dodgy or "very soft". What pisses me off re these decisions throughout the whole season is the fact these refs are making them in empty stadia i.e. no huge partisan crowds influencing them in any way!! Yet they have almost a 100% record for crucial ref decisions going their way.
Celtic losing 2-0 at HT. Why did Kennedy play Laxalt in the LB position? He was "mince" and "hooked" at HT!! The 2nd Rangers goal was an OG by Kenny!! Rolleyes A Welsh nightmare miss right in front of Rangers goal on 25 mins when the Hoops down 1-0 and needing that kinda "lift" - an unbelievable miss but the story of Celtic's season TBF! Second half, Rangers goalie doing his job and pulling off some vg saves and then ref Madden suddenly books Broony for a perfectly good tackle on Kent??????? That wrong decision places a huge constraint on Broony as Celtic playing well and Elyonoussi missing another glorious chance to score!! Set up by Edouard and too slow, allowing McGregor to save!!Thumb down He really should've scored! Again the story of Celtic's season v them!
Biggest shock was that sevco had a penalty given against them. Big Grin

Don't know if Gerrard has asked to see the ref for an explanation. Wink
Celtic missed some amount of chances the day, 2 from 6 yards out and a pk Laugh A real lack of width, pace and bottle in that side though.

Madden was at it big time again the day, he booked brown first show of aggression and the tackle was a cracker. Somehow he managed not to send Aribo off as well. Laugh Thats a mystery that can only be answered down the lodge.

Rangers have a good system that suits their players and they do a power of good work off the ball. Thats the difference.

Amazing to think that pre-covid the huns were desperate to get rid of Gerrard, he had been a catastrophe of a manager who had spent a fortune and won xxxx all. Now he's the hero.

Its a funny old game.
I'm wondering how much Edouard is worth now because that pk miss in the 79th min epitomised what he has done this season - not a lot! He grabbed the ball from Leigh Griffiths to take the pk and he really had to score with conviction to impress anybody - just smash the ball home son thereby giving your team a "lift" and run up the field for Rangers to KO again and play out the remaining 11-15mins with a slight chance of recovering this game and placing a bit of pressure on RFC. HE DIDN'T DO IT. THE MAN IS A SHADOW OF THE STRIKER WHO WAS VALUED AT £25K!! Whether that COVID infection, during his French U21 international duties last Autumn, had anything to do with his "fall from grace", I have no idea!!! But he has been nothing like the player who was valued so highly - MINCE! Also I must add that the "writing was on the wall" as soon as it was revealed Forrest wasn't playing - that injury v Livingston last Saturday was so fateful as it was clear to any observer what a difference he makes to an attacking Celtic team in giving them the width of the pitch to play in. And yet they still had lotsa striking opps to win this match!!
I still think Edouard is a cracking player and will likely still command a large fee, but he's clearly wanted away at the end of last season and you could tell today his priority was not to get injured, he was even losing challenges that were like 90/10 for him. My guess is he has a move lined up and has had for a while.
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