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Supercool Brendan wins the Foxes a 1st FA Cup! - 0762 - 15-05-2021

And still in with a good chance of taking the last EFL Champs League place! I find this to be so ironic and enlightening in comparison to Celtic finally ending their awful season at Easter Road Stadium this afternoon. I don't think Celtic's demise would've happened had Brendan Rodgers remained at Celtic Park but he had to move on to more challenging action (plus a bigger salary) in a better footie league elsewhere. One of the main reasons I say that is the fact that Rodgers, a super organiser/manager of resources, insists on taking control of the footie club recruitment, something he currently practises at LCAFC and a factor that played a huge part in Celtic's abject failure in pulling in decent quality players in all areas of the Hoops' player squad. He would've been well prepared for the challenges ahead in a poor Scot footie league that was an absolute dawdle for a man with his exceptional talent. But he moved on to better things although a lotta Celtic fans would argue that LCAFC is generally incomparable with a Celtic FC that is high-flying at home and abroad. But it is ultimately all about money coming in to a far richer footie league set up. That's the way it is!