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Paul Heckingbottom quote today - "I am unsure of my position at Hibs FC"!!!!??
I'd drive him to Barnsley myself to be honest. His brand of fitba would make your eyes bleed.

The hibs support don't like it. Cant believe the kind of contract he is on. Incredible, because he is clearly not the kind of manager who is going to develop us going forward.

He's a place man for the board, I'm sure of it.
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Yep! I totally agree! There have been lotsa matches to assess and come to a reasoned judgement of Paul Heckingbottom and the way he "goes about his business" running Hibs 1st team activities and it is not what Hibs fans are accustomed to - boring and dull are not required but that is what he is trying to impose! I actually think we have the players who can provide a decent expansive, positive game plan but we definitely don't have the manager who will recognise that possibility.
He does my head in. Its really frustrating how gutless he is.
I said he would be away by Christmas 2019 and was forced to eat humble pie because he did quite well at the beginning of his contract and had the team playing to a good standard. I don't know if he's lost interest in the team or the team have lost interest in him but out form is not what you would expect with the players we have.
We have played in less then a quarter of our fixtures and are already locked in a battle for survival so some drastic immediate action needs ,to Ben taken.
Hibijibbajabba looks like youl be putting the bins out for the fairys again Laugh
Can we have that in English please ?
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Ha ha ha Laugh
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