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Not sure that did her any favours, to be honest. Even if his questions were idiotic and/or badly phrased, part of being a professional in any line of work is dealing with that stuff calmly. Unless the journos are being bang out of order, dragging personal stuff into it or suchlike (which this one wasn't), then you've got to keep your cool, and I was cringing at her response.
Cracking men’s final!!! Both men had chances to win it.
One of the best Wimbledon finals ever and definitely an "emotional rollercoaster" for The Fed and Novak. A big moment for Federer in the 5th set at 8-7 and "break point", 40-15, and Novak "breaks back" to win over Roger's service - a true champion responding under intense pressure and in front of a pro-Federer Centre Court crowd!!! A great tennis match, an epic and somebody had to lose it!! IMO a "sweet" victory for Djokovic esp with that crowd "willing on" the Fed!
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