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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
Not that it really matters all that much after today's fireworks, but the final individual standings!

Leading Run-scorers

1. Rohit Sharma (IND) - 648
2. David Warner (AUS) - 647
3. Shakib Al Hasan (BAN) - 606
4. Kane Williamson (NZ) - 578
5. Joe Root (ENG) - 556

Leading Wicket-takers

1. Mitchell Starc (AUS) - 27
2. Lockie Ferguson (NZ) - 21
3. Jofra Archer (ENG) - 20 [for 461]
4. Mustafizur Rahman (BAN) - 20 [for 484]
5. Jasprit Bumrah (IND) - 18
Just fantastic. At 20 overs I had deceived we weee dead and it was game over.

I messaged my mates and suggested we go get 18-holes in to avoid the humiliation.

But none of us could really drag ourselves from the TV and wow what reward.

A stunning game with such drama.

So glad they did not say yes to golf - not sure my finger nails will ever grow back!
What a fantastic "6" by Stokesy!

If Roy of The Rovers' author had written that match, 10 year-old kids would have laughed it off as over-the-top!
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
I was following the game on Twitter on a coach back from North Wales. Just got home in time for the final two balls of the super over.
A great match. I thought nothing could top the 2005 Ashes but I would say yesterday was on a par. I do feel sorry for New Zealand and I reckon the ICC will change the rules again on the Super Over. I thought it was great that it was on C4 and would love to see more cricket back on terrestrial TV.

When we were at the 30 overs I thought we weren't going to get anywhere near 241 and amazingly we pulled it off.

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Just watched the highlights. Brilliant match.
Rules are rules and England win it fair and square. In the old days of course, NZ would have won in 50 overs having lost fewer wickets.
Love how the experts are saying it was the correct decision to give the super over to the inexperienced Archer. Had we lost they'd be saying it should've gone to Woakes. I thought Woakes should've had it, but you can't argue with the result.
Special praise for Stokes. Calm head at the crucial time when wickets are tumbling and refusing a couple of singles in the last over. How lucky were those overthrows though. Whistle
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Well the hysteria is dying down and maybe someone is throwing away the dreadful music they played between overs ......

We won ........ somehow.

Stokes will always step forward when a hero is required. If we'd have needed five wickets he'd have been bowling at 90 mph.

We won, but do you think that was our best eleven? Sounds mad but our best ODI batting line up would contain three wicket keepers or four if you count Eoin Morgan and though I've always liked Adil Rashid I couldn't leave out Moeen to play him.

As for tournament stats. Well Rohit had some luck to top the batting, Kohli is brilliant, but I must say I'm impressed by Kane Williamson - he's a proper batsmen, would make a world eleven in any form of cricket and any time in history - wonderful soft hands AND the strength and timing to carry any boundary for six with ease.

Will this bring youngsters into cricket? A few, but I saw pictures of Joe Root and his Glamorgan brother as very small boys dressed in their miniature cricket whites by their dad. He played league cricket every weekend. He took them along. Flintoff's dad was similar. Michael Parkinson became decent at the game because his dad loved it. But Cricket Clubs are dying everywhere. They can't recruit players, neighbouring houses demand impossible protection, insurance is becoming uneconomic. The game is dying at its roots. You can't bring on the kids when the adult club is dying, and they can't play at school because SATS take too long and the kit is too expensive or the field has been sold. So it's public schoolboys and girls only I'm afraid.

We won ..... the trophy ...... but not the future and no amount of bad music between overs will make up for that.
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Going back years used to have cricket practice after school, teachers took it, these days they don't want to know after school hours, quite happy to send their kids off to enviromental protests on a Friday afternoon to get shut of them
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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