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She Believes Cup
England v Brazil now showing on BBC4.

Come on England.

1-0 to Brazil. A penalty decision so bad, it could've been made by a Premier League ref. Doh
There's the equaliser. Ellen White. Smile

2-1 to England
Eng v USA , live on BBC2 now.

America score after half an hour.

Oh yes! belter of an equaliser from Steph Houghton.

Commentator's nightmare! The American players don't have their own names on their backs. Instead they have the name of their own personal female hero. Well it is the She Believes Cup and they can believe what they want. Jonathan Pierce ain't too chuffed. Laugh

Nikita Parris puts England 2-1 up.

Scrappy equaliser. 2-2
England v Japan tonight (22:25 ko).

England need to win, Japan need a draw to win the tournament.

Live on BBC4.
Passed my bedtime that Snoots. Laugh
Reasons to drink real ale
[Image: c258fe308066c13663718b49d134b4123275c723...215a_large]
No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
(05-03-2019, 22:32)theo_luddite Wrote: Passed my bedtime that Snoots. Laugh

Me too but I've got day off tomorrow. Smile
Lucy Staniforth opens the scoring. 1-0 England.

Karen Carney 2-0

Beth Mead 3-0
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